Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Winners of My Valentine's Giveaway

So the day after Valentine's is bitter sweet, all extra candy, cards, decoration goes 50% off...so a savvy shopper can save money on next years ideas!

Some pocketbooks are lighter due to buying the unnecessary yet always appreciated flowers, chocolate, balloons and random other item that a loved one might want.

If you are wondering what I got...I of course got what every make up lover and collector wants...more make up...I scored pretty well. Though of course the hubby didn't necessarily pick it out himself...he just fronted the cash for it! But nonetheless I appreciated it and look forward to playing with it when I have more time.

It worked out to where the mister had the day off from work while I of course had my Monday schedule, work and basketball practice. Though work was pretty slow..which it allowed me time to catch up on my Charmed season 4 dvds that I am borrowing from the library. As well as I planned out the fun, Valentine's theme practice for my girls...considering its a bye week for them (meaning there is no game this weekend). Practice was fun and I will making a small entry about practice later.

However the real reason I wanted to blog was that with the day after Valentine's day comes the announcement of the winners for my giveaways I had running on my YouTube channel, Twitter and here on my blog.

So without further adue..here's the video of letting everyone know who won!!!!

Congrats to the winners! And thank you to everyone else for making this giveaway fun...it was nice to see what you guys enjoyed for snacks, sweet treats, and to see who ended up following me on twitter!

I love YourSweetTreat items and will ber purchasing more for myself again!

Check out the store if you haven't already!

And keep an eye out for March's giveaway!!!


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