Sunday, February 27, 2011

Valentine's Goodies

I know I am a bit late with getting this blog post up, but I have had a busy last two weeks so I'm finally getting around to taking care of it!

However, I wanted to share my Valentine's presents that my hubby purchased for me! Of course I did choose them out, and they both did end up coming in the mail shortly after Valentine's day (however it was quite alright with me).

Now I honestly didn't jump at all on the band wagon when the Urban Decay Naked Palette came out earlier this summer. To tell you the truth I was quite against getting the I was very much into the colorful looks (which I still am...just only when going out nowadays).

But as time wore on and the videos in my subscription box kept popping up of a haul and someone else getting it, a video tutorial of someone else using it. I decided...well considering this item is such a HOT item...if I sign up for it...perhaps by the time that it is available I might actually want it.

So I signed myself up on the Urban Decay website and pretty much forgot about it..up until about middle of January when I received an email telling me that I had a palette on hold just for me from the Urban Decay website. Now, don't get me wrong....I was all oh neat...and figured it could just end up being a Valentine's present from Joe (if I decided to keep it). Or it would make a pretty amazing prize if and when I decide to do a contest again on my YouTube channel.

Now, all of you know that I am normally a HUGE mineral girl but with basketball season I have been doing some major dabbling into my pressed powders (in particular my neutral least for everyday wear).

Thus after receiving my Naked palette...which is literally sat on my dresser for a good week..I decided I would keep it for myself. Thus it is now officially in my collection (this is the second Urban Decay Palette I have ever owned...I have the Black palette as well that I swapped for a few months back).


Now, the Naked Palette runs $44 dollars and with Urband Decay's website you get free shipping and handling when you spend $50 or more. So I added a mini primer potion in the color Eden as well to the purchase from the website. This would be my third mini Primer never might end up seeing it on a review or giveaway.

Again, I don't jump on band wagons right away when it comes to Hot products because I hate really wanting something, looking for it and not being able to find it. I personally end up keeping my eye on a product and once it is talked about a whole lot less is about the time frame that I look into purchasing it (if I really still want it by then).

**In particular right now, crackling nail polishes are SO in right now. It's funny just because I noticed that particular type of polish about August-September over here in the P2 collections (German brand). It's funny how its such the rave in the past month over in the states...I'm actually interested in getting a German crackling polish and perhaps a stateside brand and see if there are any major differences..since I'm back into having polish on my nails.

Speaking of Fad nail polishes...I did happen to received another product(s) that were huge in the states a bit ago.


I now have in my possession the mini version of the Katy Perry Polishes from OPI.

I totally love Katy Perry and again after watching several videos where people were showing off the colors (and from my personal love of the Glitter polishes from OPI). I knew that the collection was something that I did really want. Thus my little extra splurge for it.

**I recently posted of using one of the polishes as a Nails of the week. I do have to work tomorrow, so more than likely I will be having extra time to change out nail polish color to something different.

Overall, I'm ubber happy with my Valentine's presents from the hubby this year. He got a dart board and once I get paid some extra money to go towards the video card he has been saving up for his big computer.

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