Monday, February 7, 2011

More Giveaways to come

I have been looking through my own personal collection of favorite products and decided it was time to do a few more giveaways on my channel.

Although the downfall of having giveaways is there tend to be more subscribers who are looking into winning some free products...not necessarily looking to actually watch my videos on my channel.

So I'm thinking I will rotate between giveaways on my Youtube, Twitter, as well as that everyone who is actually following me for the right reasons will know whats going on.

February giveaways were more focused on the YourSweetTreat products...I'm thinking next month will be a make up related product...think one of my personal favorite Mineral Eyeshadow Lines.
If you know me or follow me enough...this brand will just jump out at you! You just have to look at my make up tutorial videos and see which company seems to be repeated several several times!

For April I will do another small giveaway right before I leave for the states...I'm thinking a Soap/Bath Company as it seems good to change products up a bit. Give my viewers, followers, subbies the ability to try a little bit of everything.

Considering I really haven't done a 1 year on YouTube contest...I just might end up doing a contest when I hit 1500 subbies, since that seems like a big number to me. Especially considering I have been actively making videos now for just shy over a year. As of today I'm at 1229 subscribers on my Youtube, 221 followers on my Twitter and 33 followers on my blog.

On that note, I better start going through the comments on my current giveaway I want to stay up on top of that on the 15th I will be able to announce the winners!!!

1 comment:

  1. Wow Lo! it seems we will have lots of giveaways on our way! that's very generous of you!
    Thank you!!
    You're getting closer to the big number! i'm sure you will be there in no time! ^_^