Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Nail Polish of the Week

I don't doubt this posting will not get much love, however I had a request to show pictures of my nails (since I had tweeted that I had just painted them).

I honestly haven't really gotten too much into doing my nails as I know some people in the beauty YouTube world. However I do agree it always does catch my interest when I'm watching someone do a tutorial and their nails look really pretty.

Since the month is halfway over, and as I write this blog entry I realize that I have been an OPI nail polish whore this month. This is funny because I only have three OPI polishes (that I received from lovely subbies in swaps). It's even funnier because they all are limited edition polishes from the Alice in Wonderland series.

Since these past two weeks in October I have been rocking glitter colored polish...I figure it was time for a basic flat color.

This polish of the week is OPI's Off with her Red.

Off with her Red is described as "Nail Lacquer is a glowering, empowering hot red." I do agree that this polish is a perfect classic red and what girl doesn't love having that perfect red? A classic red polish is as necessary in a girls nail polish drawer as her little Black Dress that should be hanging in her closet.

I believe that's great for everyday, 8 to 5 office job and still fun to rock (altered a bit with some fun designs using Sally Hansen's Nail Pens or a Conrad nail stamp).

I wouldn't doubt there are several dupes to this particular red color in other brands, however I will have to say. After using only OPI polishes this month (though mind you I am using an LA Colors Base/Top Coat Clear Polish), it will be difficult to be willing to find a different polish once this bottle is gone.

I only had to apply this color twice to my nails to get a nice, evenly distributed color payout. Mind you I also placed on two coats of my Top Coat because I have noticed that my nail polishes do not chip as easily as they do with one. Plus it keeps my nail polish looking shiny!

Overall, I'm pretty impressed by OPI nail polishes. Considering I use my hands constantly for something, whether it is cooking, cleaning, working out at the gym, etc OPI has very little chipping. I can go about 5 to 6 days before it's time to either touch up or completely change the other all together.

So thumbs up to OPI and a HUGE Kudos to the lovelies who were willing to share their awesome goodies with me. My nails look so pretty!!!


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