Friday, October 22, 2010

Sigma Brushes: First Wash

With the week coming to an end and my Saturday being very busy (as well as very exciting). I figured I better actually wash my Sigma Makeup Brushes.

As I have stated in previous blog, I purchased the E-25 and the E-65 (with my own money). However I received the Face and Eyes Kit from Sigma to review for my blog and YouTube channel.

Considering Saturday is going to be my first trail run of being a Make Up Artist for a local photographer's Photo Shoot, I want to make sure I have the best possible products available to use.

My own personal brush collection isn't necessary huge, however it does have alot of variety (containing both higher brand brushes...IE MAC to Drug Store Brands IE ELF). Since I have been slacking when it comes to actually getting my brushes in gear to give a through review of the Face and Eyes Kit from Sigma...I saw this as a perfect opportunity. Not only would it force me to wash and sanitize the brushes, I can use them tomorrow at the shoot (and after cleaned again...use them for/on myself to be able finish my review).

I have heard quite a bit of commentary on Sigma Brushes especially when it came to washing them. Most are complaints about the scent, the extreme shredding, and the dye washing out.
I am including a newly posted video from Sigma of how one is to proper care and wash Sigma brushes.

Keeping this all in mind...I'm going to share with you so far my thoughts and experience with washing my Sigma Brushes for the 1st time.

I want to state that I watched the above video first, before cleaning my brushes. For soap I used Johnson & Johnson Gentle Baby Shampoo and warm clean water from the sink. They are currently laying elevated on a folded up down to dry (see above picture).

Something I do also need to mention is most of the brushes have a strong paint scent, I personally believe it's from the actual brush handles. And since the brushes (when shipped were placed together, causing some to be extremely stinky and others not so much).

Worst shedding brush is the F-50 Duo Fibre Brush, however it wasn't necessarily that bad. I found a total of about 5 hairs overall, including both small short and large long bristles. There was an extreme amount of dye wash out that also occurred when I was washing. I lathered this brush twice times, getting it very sudsy and still the water when rung out had a slight discoloration to it.

Worst dye wash out brush is the F-30 Large Powder Brush, though I honestly expected it to since it is the most bristled brush of the collection. Very little shedding a total of two hairs (and I when I ring out the brush of water, I actually purposely used my fingers from top to bottom to get as much water off/out of the brush). I actually had to suds this brush up 4 times to get the water as clear as possible, though I do believe the dye washing out will be a problem with this brush.

For the rest of the brushes: the E-30 Pencil brush, the E-55 Eye Shading Brush, the E-40 Tapered Blending Brush, the F-45 Buffer Brush, the E-65 Small Angle Brush, and then E-25 Blending Brush did all pleasantly well for being washed. No shedding, little to no dye washing out!

Overall, I was some what surprised at how well the eye brushes did for being washed. I do realize that some dye washing out and some shedding is completely normal, it means that it is being properly cleaned. I just don't want them to completely get yucky before I get to throughly use them.

I DO want to point out, even after washing these brushes (and some several sudsy) they still have a scent to them of the paint from the handles. I'm hoping that airing them out will help a bit, will report more tomorrow.

Other than that, I need to get my beauty sleep I have a long (but exciting) day in store for me tomorrow.

If it is okay with the photographer I will try to take a few pictures on my own camera of the shoot, and of course when I get the professional shots (as part of my payment for this trail run is free prints) I will make sure to send!


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