Saturday, October 9, 2010

Time for some Glamour Doll Eyes

If you didn't know I have a bit of a soft spot for
Glamour Doll Eyes. And if you were to ask me, "Lo what do you mean?" I would merely respond back to you..."Have you seen my drawer". ha ha

One of these days I will do an updated makeup collection/storage video and you will fully understand why I would ask the above question. But just to give ya a hint, I moved stuff around and Glamour Doll Eyes has its own drawer. (Though I think by the end of this year 2010, I will have to switch things up again..and give myself a new "bigger" drawer).

Anyways, the awesome, wonderful and dear to me, Vee released two Limited Edition Halloween Sets on Glamour Doll Eyes (surprisenly enough there are still sets available on the website...which shocks the heck out of me). Just because I thought there were many of us GDE junkies out there in twitter and YouTube land, who buy a collection as soon as they are released...guess some people aren't getting the memos. Or people are forgetting the most important point to Limited Edition collections, that once they are gone....they are GONE!

Of course, I placed an tell the truth I placed two orders...the first time was when Vee did a pre-release of the Halloween sets (before the scheduled October 1st release date), which I decided on Halloween Set 2. However, once the 1st got closer (and after referring to my fellow love, Lorris blog and haul random twitter conversation). I just had to get the Halloween Set 1 as well.

PhotobucketI placed my order for this Halloween Set 1 on September 29th and received it in my mailbox on October 7th. Considering that bad boy had to come all the way to Europe (plus deal with weekend), I would say that is some FAST shipping! But then again, that is what I love about Vee, even with all the orders that she is constantly getting for GDE's..she is still able to get out her products quick. And it always feels like Christmas when I see my GDE envelope in my mailbox.

The packaging for this collection is so cute, not only is the mesh starred bag a great theme for the fall/Halloween time...but it can totally be reused later on. I'm thinking it's either going to go into my gym bag for holding my jewelry (cause I don't like to wear any when I workout). Or I will throw my favorite shadows in there and take it with (if Joe and I go somewhere for a getaway weekend).

What is also unique about these Limited Edition colors is the actual label itself, verses it being the usual pink stating "Glamour Doll Eyes shadows" it is orange and states "Glamour Doll Eyes Scare Shadows".

PhotobucketJust looking turning the jars over to take a picture of the product was very exciting. When I received these shadows, I refrained from opening them up until I could give them them proper time and attention. But just look at those colors, GORGEOUS no?

There are a total of 3 eyeshadows and 1 eyelight in Halloween Set 1...this making it a total of $15.00 for the set (considering a full size jar of GDE is $6.00, while an eyelight is $4.50, you are getting a deal..saving $7.50).

Now that I have given you the jest of what you are missing out on (if you haven't checked out Glamour Doll Eyes, I suggest you stop reading...go look at the website and if nothing catches you attention..well me a monkey's Uncle). I will show you the rocking colors from this lovely set.

How this will work is I will post pics of the products (in their jars), pics of swatches, give you my description of the color and then the site's official description will be marked with (*).

FrankenGlamour - a beautiful bright limeish green color with a ton of of shimmer (shimmer appears to be golden).
#I had issues with pictures when posting it to my Blog. I use Photobucket to edit and add text, but it didn't want to do it on this one! Top swatch is FrankenGlamour Wet, bottom swatch is dry.

When you get this color wet, OMG, that is when the gold shimmer really pops. I don't doubt this will make a great lid color, or even a great nail polish color for Halloween Night.

*FrankenGlamour - is an almost lime green with gold undertone. This color offers more of a sheen than shimmer.

Bruised - lilac purple with TONS ( I mean TONS) of shimmer (shimmer is mostly blue and a bit of purple). So far this is my FAVORITE color of the whole set. I know it has been a BIG hit overall, with other beauty bloggers and customers. I recall Vee mentioning on twitter that she might introduce this color into the permanent line, though don't quote me on that...only time will tell if this does happen.
This color is just amazing, has a very light purple sheen with applied dry...but wet...OMG! Bruised is just a mental and eye-gasm (oh yes, I did say that). When I applied it wet to my skin, not only did the blue shimmer pop 10x's more...but it played tricks on my eyes! Depending on the lighting, and angle of how I held my hand. Bruised appeared purpleish one way, blueish another...but no matter what...the shimmer just kept my eye on my hand! I think this color will look amazing on any skin tone, as well as any place it is put (lid, crease, highlight, liner, nail polish, hell even lips).

*Brusied - is a darkened purple with black undertones and gorgeous aqua sparkle

Graveyard - dark matte heather grey. I just happened to be wearing a shirt this color when I played with these...I swatched my hand. Look at it...looked at my shirt and laughed.

#Again Photobucket and BlogSpot don't get along, as I see the text in Photobucket but it won't appear here. Top swatch is Graveyard wet, bottom swatch dry

Now, I'm not much of a matte shadow lover..I honestly prefer pretty shimmery shadows. However this matte is a nice addition to my collection, it will be a great crease color to use for a smokey look (or dead look for a halloween costume). It does remind me alot of Urban Trash (another matte GDE)...however Graveyard is grey while Urban Trash is black.

Can I point out here, that you can spell the color grey two different ways?! ha ha I normally use grey but apparently you can also use gray. The things we learn while blogging!!!

*Graveyard - is a matte dark gray.

Zombie Date Night- the eyelight (glitter) out of the whole set is a combination of red and black glitter (with a black undertone).
#Yet again text was not in the pic. The top swatch is dry, while the bottom swatch is wet

Zombie Date Night reminds me of combining Fierce and Little Black Dress (other eyelights of GDE) together. Considering I just recently fell in love with the glitters from GDE (plus I found a great way to foil the glitter to get it to really stick to the lid...thank goodness for Sally Girl's Glitter Adhesive). I think this is a fun glitter to have for Halloween.

*Zombie Date Night - is a black, red and orange Eye Light (glitter).

Overall I'm very happy with my purchase..I'm still waiting on receiving my Halloween Set 2...I don't know if it's my post office that is lame...or if it is the one in the states. Plus I haven't decided yet, if I'm going to keep set 2 or use it for a Decisions Decisions!

Anyways, I hope you found this rambling interesting...I'm planning on doing a FOTD using some of the this set very soon!

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