Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Inspired Twilight Look using Glamour Doll Eyes

I recently entered a contest that was Twilight based themed (the winners were announced and sadly I didn't place). However I had a really good time coming up with this look...and thought I would share it on here.

I got alot of positive feedback on it and even some new subbies from it as well. It does always astonish me a bit when I get a message or comment on a newer video, saying they found me cause of my Glamor Doll Eyes videos.

I like to call myself an unofficial Glamour Girl, because I do love to use the products in alot of my everyday wear (besides my tutorials).

I was requested recently to do a video on my top 15 favorite Glamour Doll Eyes shadows. When that gets further along I will also post my list (with swatches as well).

All I can say to someone though who finds my channel or videos because of my Glamour Doll Eyes looks...is thank you for the support. I do love using the products and I'm glad that I am capable of coming up with looks that others enjoy watching.

My inspiration was Alice Cullen, she is probably one of my favorite characters in this series...I know what's wrong with me right?

I think the way Alice is protrayed in the film version of this novel series is pretty dead on. I too get the impression that Alice is a bit of gothic trendy and a classic beauty (I wanna say 20's...because women were always feminine...with the long lashes...or at least that is what I always think about. Batting long lashes from across the room at a handsome man before coyly looking away). Hence why I believe they have her wearing a combination of dark but feminine colors (ie charcoal grey, black, dark blue, plus lots and lots of purple).

So purple was the color I chose to use throughout the entire eye look, just various graduations of it.


I did use Honey colored eye contacts to get the "vampire" eyes. These are probably one of my favorite colored contacts I own, just because they are so unique. They look golden but at the same time a very very light bright...no matter what the case maybe. All eyes are on mine when I wear these bad boys.


Let's breakdown the lovely Glamour Doll Eyes in this look:
Products used
MAC Paint Pot in Soft Orche
Revlon Cream Shadow from Electric Pop quad dark blue
GDE Twi Shadow in Premonition
GDE Twi Shadow in Black Ice
GDE shadow in Typical Girl
GDE shadow in Angel Wings
Black Eye pencil from Forever 21
NYC Liquid Eyeliner in Black
Loreal Voluminous Carbon Mascara
Red Cherry Lashes #136

I finish off the look I used a bit of a light brown to contour my face and an all over Shimmery Diamond Dust Powder from Essence. This particular item is a Limited Edition item from Essence's Twilight New Moon Collection that came out earlier this summer here in Germany.

For lips I wanted to keep it more classy so I opted for a nudeish lip using an old Victoria Secret LipLiner in Nude Blush and topped it off with some Avon Clear Lipgloss. I wanted all the focus to be on my eyes.


If you like any of the colors I chose to use for this look, check out Glamour Doll Eyes..it seriously is one of my favorite Mineral Companies that YouTube brought into my life!

I am including the tutorial below...mind you it originally was a contest entry...hence why the intro of what it is for.



  1. hello what is the brand of your contact lenses .. i love them..

  2. Hello, love the makeup! Also, I had a question, where did you get your contact lenses!? I've been looking for natural looking ones like yours, but yours are truly one of a kind! Please respond!

  3. i hate it when people say what make up they use, but not the brand of the lenses -.-