Sunday, October 10, 2010

FOTD: Glamour Doll Eyes Halloween Shadows with a Twist

Saturday was a lazy day (kinda for me). Slept in, bummed around the house, made a few batches of chips for a surprise birthday party that I was requested to attend.

Mind you, I didn't give myself enough time to really be creative when it came to this look. I would consider it one of my randomly thrown together looks...however I felt pretty confident it looked nice. And I did get complimented on it twice at the party..once by the birthday girl. The second by another mommy who was in attendance (which she is actually going to be having a makeup class/session with Cookie...not this Monday but next).

It truly proves even more how small the base we are stationed is, plus that there are still tons of women who haven't found the glories of YouTube! ha ha

Anyways, all my cute lower cut shirts were air drying (as I had done laundry too..) so I decided to rock my awesome Nerds Gone Wild Shirt (that I got from Walmart when I was back in the states this past May). Considering this shirt is bright pink with rainbow colored nerds on it...I figure I could get away with a more fun look.

I already knew I wanted to rock some of my Glamour Doll Eyes Halloween I picked the most appropriate colors from the Halloween Set (check my blog posting from earlier for swatches) to go with my bright shirt. Thus Bruised and Graveyard made their first appearance in my FOTD!!!
PhotobucketFor accessories I chose to make the color from my eyes again pop in my outfit, hence the purple pearl stud earrings. Sadly, I don't have a matching I pulled out an old dark wooden necklace (that my Ex Boyfriend's mom had gotten me on her vacation down to Mexico).

This was a later in the afternoon into the evening birthday party so I figured doing a little bit of a dark smokey would be okay. However, I didn't want to use black...I just wasn't feeling it (at least for anywhere but my upper lash line) so I decided to play with my Maybelline New York Collection Silver Glitter Eye Pencil on my lower lash line (this particular item is from a collection by Maybelline that is only sold in Europe at the moment... tentative release of these items in the States is middle of 2011).
I placed MAC's Fascinating Eye Kohl in my waterline to keep the eye bright and open looking. Since I didn't do a dramatic liner and the Maybelline Silver Glitter Liner was pretty bright...I just thought it would overall look better to have a light color in the waterline.

For the eyes itself, I got Bruised wet and applied it all over the lid. Graveyard went into the crease, however I used just the tip of my MAC 217 into the pot as I didn't want it to overpower or take away from Bruised! Might I just add, Bruised is AMAZING! True there is a ton, I mean a TON of shimmer (which I did have quite a bit more fallout than usual, compared to my other GDE's...but that is what make up wipes are for).

As a highlight, I was a bit much as I wanted to do a nice pretty neutral color (like Bare Naked) or a pretty white (Angels Wings or Twi-Shadow Family Secret). I thought it would be fun to tie in the pink from my shirt so I tried out Prom Dress and I thought it went perfect. Prom Dress is a nice soft pink sheen with a slight purple tint, that just complimented Bruised being on the lid.

*Prom Dress - a light pink, almost purple with gold, blue, purple and greenish shimmers


To finish off the rest of the face I continued to play different shades of pink through the rest of the face. Using NYC Creme Blush Stick in Wild Berry, with a swatch of NYX Pinky Blush on top to set (I prolly am crazy for thinking that a creme blush needs to be set with a powder blush...but I think those two colors together are very pretty). My Hard Candy Baked Blush in Pin Up was the highlight on my cheek.

For lips, I wanted to use a funky bright 80's lipstick that Cookie had given to me (with her working the Estee Lauder counter at our's been pretty easy to get free goodies). So I lined my lips with NYX Lipliner in Pinky and filled in the lip with Dolly, Electric Intense LipCreme by Estee Lauder. Final touch was my second favorite Glamour Gloss from the lovely Mel, Socialite.

So that ends this FOTD entry, I need to start thinking of my next entry!!! he he

Thank goodness for the long weekend, I think I'm gonna try and practice again on Joe for his Halloween costume...though I'm only allowed to post it on my blog and least until after Halloween.


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