Wednesday, October 6, 2010

FOTD: High Voltage Cosmetics

As I stated in previous posting, I did a look using my favorite colors of my purchase from High Voltage Cosmetics. Of the 9 shadows that I purchased, my favorites so far have been Alter Ego, Bootleg, Teenage Riot, Radio Star and Scandalous.

Considering it was my off day, I figured it was a great time to let the creative juices flow..besides actually being a good house wifey and getting stuff done around the house.

So I came up with this fun, rockerish least that is what I'm calling it (and yes, I did film it...I should be posting that video soon to the YouTube channel).

I finished the look, cleaned the house and then went to do errands on base. And as ironic as this sounds, when I stopped in the exchange (military form of a department store) my cashier asked me if I was getting ready to go out somewhere. I asked her why did she ask me that and she was all "Well you are all dressed up..I just figured you were going somewhere". Im guessing that maybe she thought either it as a little too much for the day...or it was her way of saying I was cute....the jury is still out on that one! ha ha

I didn't think it was a very dramatic look for the day. I won't lie...I was feeling myself. I tried to accessorize as best I could. I rocked my Alice in Wonderland Don't Be Late Necklace and some black studs. Besides some funky bracelets and my usual thumb and FU Ring (ha ha it's just a big ring I like to wear on my middle finger).

I'm still trying to get use to my bangs, I washed my hair and they are just a pain in the butt to I just kinda threw up the rest of my hair and attempted to tame the bangs. Looking at the pic..they don't seem that bad! YAY!!!


So I used the Radio Star on the lower lash line. A bit of Scandalous on the inner tear duct to help brighten the eye.
On the lid I used Alter Ego ( I got it wet with MAC Fix +), Teenage Riot in the crease..with a bit of Bootleg in the inner crease (the "v") just to darken it a bit and Scandalous as a Highlight.

Basic winged black Liner, my go to so far has been my NYC Liquid Eyeliner. I didn't want to darken this look too much, so I used MAC's Fascinating Eye Kohl in the waterline. And since I didn't want to lose my lashes in this look, I added some falsies, Red Cherry #66 ( I think theseare the most natural lashes I have at the moment).


I paired it off with some pink cheeks, I used MAC's Coygirl blush and on my lips I used some lovely Essence products, a Lipgloss/Lippencil in Berry from the SunClub collection. (Cookie originally bought this color for herself, when we went shopping one day together. But after swatching it on her skin...she knew it wasn't for her and I ended up with it). On top of that I used my Essence XXL Lipgloss in SuperGirl.

Overall, I loved this look on me today. :)

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