Thursday, October 14, 2010

FOTD: Glamour Doll Eyes

Since I worked the later shift today, I figured I had enough time to play with my war paint! Considering I had yet to actually apply the lovely Limited Edition Halloween Set 2 shadows to my face...I took the opportunity!

Now the look I came up with today is honestly pretty plain, though I wanted to use my favorite shadows from the Halloween Set 2, which are Undead and Satan's Sheets.

I again had to tame the unruly beast (aka my hair)...cause let me tell you and my bangs aren't really getting along. Apparently they only really like to listen to my hairdresser and her flat iron...for me they just like to go crazy. So after a failed attempted to get straight bangs, I again pined them up and then kinda half ass attempted to victory roll the two sides. With the rest of it, I threw it into a messy braid...again the most important thing was it was in control....and out of the way.

Considering the top I wore wasn't necessarily low cut, merely a slit across the showing just a hint of cleavage (if you got it semi flaunt it). I decided to rock the longer dangling Konplott earrings...I like the combination of the cross, skull and heart.

So without further delay here's what the face of the day looked like

I tried out my Almay Smart Foundation again...I think I like it. It gives a lighter coverage than I normally wear...but isn't nearly as light as using just a tinted moisturizer. Plus I'm also trying out a new addition to the make up collection (I have read/watched enough reviews on the product to make me genuinely interested in trying it out) Maybelline Mousse Concealer. I have used it twice so far and I am liking it!

For the rest of the face I contoured with ELF Bronzer in Warm Tan. I used Wet N Wild's Color Icon Blush in Berry Shimmer, NYX Mosaic Highlighter to highlight.
It's funny, I never really saw myself as a drug store make up lover when I first started getting into using make up more frequently in my rountine (as I was a MAC only make up collecter). However I am a converted Mineral Shadow and drug store brand lover!!!

Anyways I have rambled on long enough about the face that I better get to the good stuff!

Products used:

MAC Paint Pot in Soft Orche
Glamour Doll Eyes Satan's Sheets all over lid
Glamour Doll Eyes Undead blended into crease
MAC eyeshadow Blanc Type as Highlight
Glamour Doll Eyes Graveyard as liner (this is from the Halloween Set 1 collection)
MAC Fascinating Eye Kohl in waterline
Lancome Definicils Mascara in Black
Red Cherry Lashes #66

Considering I wanted it to be reminiscent of a Pin Up look I opted for white in the waterline...however I do think this could easily transform into a night look by smudging black eyeliner on the lower lash line (as well as in the waterline). Perhaps even lightly dragging a bit of Graveyard to set the eyeliner (giving it more of a greyish effect verses it be so black).

To finish off this look I used a fun pink, NYX LipLiner in Fuchsia and on top of that I added just a bit of Glamour Gloss in Fierce on top.

Fierce is a fun greyish/silver hued lipgloss with shimmer, that added on top of Fuchsia gave it a nice purpley pink look.

( I will post a pic of a swatch of this lipgloss tomorrow)

*Glamour Gloss in Fierce- silverly purple gloss coconut flavored

Just a side note, currently the Glamour Glosses aren't available on the Glamour Doll Eyes website. I do hope they will be coming back sometime soon, however I know the lovely Mel (Vee's partner in crime) is amazing and does work hard to get the glosses just right. If I'm not mistaken she had been working on some new colors as well. So maybe when they are available again...we will see some new additions!

Overall I really liked this look, I felt it was a nice easy and semi neutral look that can be worn day or night. I did like it so much, that I filmed this look as a it will bed edited and up very soon on my channel!!

Until next posting!


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