Thursday, October 7, 2010

My High Voltage Shadows in Depth

Now its time to do a little break down of the lovely colors I received earlier this week from High Voltage Cosmetics.

I am already making a small list of a few other colors that I am interested in trying, a few neutrals one matte and some fun pinks and purples. Again, I'm a sucker for pretty colors, and I think Jasmine has a thing for purples and blues. Just because I notice there are a ton more options for these color families (which I don't mind...whatsoever)!

The way that I am going to break it down for the colors is I will post the pic of my swatches and then describe how I viewed/saw the colors and then the description from the website will be noted with the following (*).

So ready or not here I go!!!!

PhotobucketThe bottom section is swatched over NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk and the top colors are over ELF Mineral EyeShadow Primer. Also all pictures were taken with flash on.

Ghost Town- on my skin it was pale mint green. I would consider this a great highlight or inner tear duct color.

*Ghost Town- White Base Pearl with slight Green glow

Zombie Chic - bright green with tons of shimmer (shimmer looks to have more golden hue). Amazing color, totally a lid color. Can't wait to get this color wet!

*Zombie Chic - Medium Lime Green with subtle golden sparks

Swamp Thing - black shadow with metallic green undertone, This will be very pretty wet, I don't doubt the green color will pop more (or it on top of a black base). Definite crease color for a great smokey look.

*Swamp Thing - Deep Hunter Green with slight green sheen and satin finish

Witches Brew- dark navy blue with blue/black undertone. Tons of bright blue shimmer. Of all the Halloween samples I received this one is my FAVORITE!!! Would be great in the crease, I could totally see this on the lid or even as an awesome liner. Can't wait to play with this color!

*Witches Brew - Deep Grey/Sapphire with shimmer

So far so good, from my notes to what the website described. Considering this is my first real posting with details and swatches, I feel pretty proud of myself. Anyways moving on to the regular shadows.


Mean Streak- dark blue (almost a navy) with a little bit of shimmer. I could see this being a pretty color to use as a liner or in the crease.

*Mean Streak - Dark Egyptian Blue

Radio Star- this color is one of my FAVORITES Overall, it seriously is in my top 3 for shadows from this purchase. Blue/Green Duo Chrome. Depending on the light and angle could appear anywhere from a light blue to an aqua green. Literally I sat there moving my hand around and watching this color. Totally trippy!

*Radio Star - Duo Chrome Bright Blue/Aqua with sparks of Aqua Green

Alter Ego- beautiful magenta with shimmer. (shimmer looks slightly pink with a bit of purple). I just think this color is so pretty, because it's bright so it reminds me of pink, but it's closer to purple hue. Another great lid color...I bet you it would be really pretty on the lips too.

*Alter Ego -Fuchsia metallic

Roadie- Forest Green with lots of shimmer (shimmer appeared to be blue and green). I do think this is a pretty color....though I think I would need to find a better selection of colors to pair this off with. To really make the color pop...more than likely a pretty green smokey eye.

*Roadie -Teal Blue Green loaded with lots of sparkle

Scandalous - Vanilla shimmery color (had a slight gold sheen to it when blended out). Another great highlight color...I do think depending on the skin tone of who is wearing it...the color could be slightly different.

*Scandalous - Pale Yellow Pearl. When rubbed down is almost a White Pearl

November Rain- medium green with gold/yellow undertone and lots of shimmer. I got this color pretty much because it said November (just in case you didn't know..thats my birthday month. And there is always lots of rain throughout the month. So I thought it would be appropriate to get it). Great lid color...I'm thinking it could be a pretty liner color as well.

*November Rain - Jungle Green with subtle Jade shimmer

After Hours - dark purple with multi colored shimmer (red/green/blue). What made this color interesting is in the bag, this shadow has more of a reddish hue. Yet when I swatched it...totally different effect.

*After Hours - Satin Wine

Teenage Riot - Another huge FAVORITE, I don't even really know how to describe it. Beautiful medium blue with lots of shimmer (green/blue). Slight undertone of purple. Similar to how I sat and tripped out on Radio Star, Teenage Riot dazzled me. This color could go anywhere, lid, crease, lower lash line, liner...just overall PRETTY color!!!

*Teenage Riot - here is the irony Jasmine has had an issue attempting to describe this color on the site herself. After much discussion on Twitter, she stated "blue/purple with irridescent sparkles" .

Last but certainly not least

Boot Leg- Dark purple with a black undertone and lots of shimmer. (Shimmer appeared combination of gold and silver). Another great crease color.

*Boot Leg- Complicated Maroonish blackened purple

Hey at least I got the purple right on that one! he he he

I'm hoping tomorrow, as long as I get enough sleep and wake up with enough time. I plan to do a look with the Halloween shadows! Maybe bust out the new Halloween Wig as well..guess I should wrap this up then!

Until Next Time my Lovelies


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