Tuesday, October 12, 2010

FOTD: ELF Mineral Shadows

Considering it felt like a Monday, though it's really a Tuesday. I decided it was time to do another FOTD using some products that I hadn't tried out yet.

Now, I received these ELF (EyesLipsFace) Mineral Eyeshadows the other day, and since I suffered from major insomnia last night and swatched the new additions to my growing collection. I figured I would try them out..get a feel for what I now have.

Mind you, I'm not trying at all to brag when I refer to my collection or do hauls and show products of different beauty companies. I do believe that no make up company is better than the rest, I will have my favorites...but I'm not going to deter someone from using a certain brand of product, just because I don't like it. To each their own, and I am completely honest when I say that. I love to find new products (especially make up companies who have lots of pretty colors to play with).

Anyways enough rambling on about why I have such variety in my collection, let's get down to the make up I used for the day.

Since, I had to work and it was a bit cooler in the morning...I decided I was going to wear a long sleeve shirt. I got this purple one at KiK (a German store....kinda similar to a Walmart, mixed with a Dollar General). I will be blogging about my thoughts on KiK another day, but let me just state I have no issue with getting random pieces of clothing from KiK. I'm not ashamed of finding a good bargain for clothes (especially when it comes to finding the right size in tops...I take what I can get). Thus with picking out a purple top, led me to my decision of make up.

So here is the FOTD
Threw up my hair, pinning my bangs in a mini poof. Pulled the sides of the top part of my hair back and up in a small clippy and left the rest of my hair down. I honestly don't know what to describe that style...but it got my hair in check and that was what was important! Plus I rocked my awesome new feather and stone dangle earrings from my old college friend Jenn. I got about 4 comments on my earrings, saying they were super cute. And I asked where did I get them from (makes me wish Forever 21 was more than a click and wait 3 weeks for my purchase away).

For my foundation I tried out my Almay Smart Shade with SPF 15 in 03 Medium (which I received in a Swap from of my lovely subbies). What I think is interesting about this foundation is the fact that it comes out white (with small blueish beads in the mix), and that when it is blended into the skin it changes color. Mind you I really do think that 02 Light/Medium would be a better match to my skin tone (especially with the winter closely approaching...and the sun fighting to make appearances in the sky). But the darker shade gives me a "tan"...I'm not orangey looking, but I'm not pale looking either. Give me about another month and I will be having to use a different foundation color.

For the rest of the face I wanted more of a sun kissed glow look, I contoured with a bit darker bronzer ELF's Warm Tan. However I used NYX Blush in Terra Cotta on the apples of my cheeks and NYX Mosaic 01 Highlighter to highlight. I normally highlight right above the apples of my cheeks and then down the bridge of my nose.

For eyes I used three of the ELF's Mineral eyeshadows for the look today...I won't lie it looks a bit muddled in this picture. But in person, I do believe it looked quite nice. I will have a more in depth posting of the colors I have with swatches and whatnot soon.

Products used:
ELF Mineral EyeShadow Primer
ELF Mineral shadow in Royal applied wet and all over lid (just below crease)
ELF Mineral shadow in Seductive blended into crease
ELF Mineral shadow in Girly as highlight and small pop on inner tear duct to brighten the eye
Milani Metallic Eye Pencil in 01 Black
Lancome Definicls Mascara in Black

I did use a bit of Seductive about half way on the lower lash line from the the outer corner in and then finished it off with Royal. I tightlined and lined the eye with Milani Eye Pencil...setting the waterline with a bit of Seductive. Believe it or not I went a total of 4.5 hours before having to reapply any pencil into my waterline (major thumbs up to Milani's Eye Pencil for that...it's longer than my MAC's Smolder Eye Kohl).

To finish off the look I decided I would continue my signature Pink lips..though of course using a darker shade and using my Essence Sun Club 03 Berry Delight Ligloss/LipPencil and my Essence XXL Ligloss in Supergirl.

Overall, I was pretty happy with what I threw together...I have noticed pending on my eye base..the color mineral shadows I use change about halfway through the day. I think I might try this look another day, but changing up the eye base. Just because as the day wore on...Royal (the dark purple) lost its vibrancy and took on more of a purple grey color.

Keep an eye out for my in depth look at ELF Mineral shadows.


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