Sunday, October 24, 2010

My Interview & Trial Run as a Make Up Artist

So yesterday was one of my longest days ever!

Not only did I have to work at my normal job at the gift shop, but afterwards I had my trial test run at a local photo shoot.

Now, I did do this trial run for free with the compensation of some shots that could be used for my portfolio. There actually quite a few more than the ones I am going to be posting on this blog, however I am waiting for the photographer to re-go through the pictures and send me any others.

My overall thoughts about the shoot, I had a really good time, though it was really long. I ended up helping out the model and picking her up, because she was literally in the town next to the base (which is where I was leaving from to head to the shoot). And then I dropped her off, which prolly explains why I was there so long. Though I wanted to see the photographer at work, and I ended up putting a little imput here and there for what the model could do. Suggested a set up here and there..and luckily the photographer was pretty easy going, liked the suggestions and went along with it.

I only did two actual make up looks on the model, the first was a "safe" look. I was ubber nervous and I was worried that the model wouldn't like my style. Plus I wanted to kinda show the photographer that I could do simple, yet visible enough for print (ie catalog). Considering the model had opted for a coral and black scarf, layered tank tops of black and coral and dark jeans..i wanted it to be more casual.
Makeup for this look
Revlon PhotoReady Foundation mixture of 001 and 006
Wet N Wild Concealer Stick in 02 Medium
ELF Studio HD Loose Powder
ELF Essential Bronzer in Sun Kissed for contour
ELF Studio Duo Bronzer/Blush...blush for apples of cheeks
Revlon ColorStay Mineral Finishing Powder in SunKiss as highlight

Urban Decay Primer Potion
Wet N Wild Color Icon Vanity Palette
Manhattan Eye Pencil in Dark Brown (this brand only found here in Germany and for how creamy this pencil was it reminded me of MAC Eye Kohl) upper lash line
Maybelline The Great Lash Mascara in Dark Brown

Original Bistix Chapstick to moisturize
NYX Girls Round Lipstick in Orange Soda


I state this as my "safe" look because I was trying to warm myself up. I seriously was so nervous, I would end up holding my breathe when I was working on the model, I was worried about breathing on her...but I made sure that if I had to. I would smell like minty gum! ha ha, I loved watching videos of what to keep in a makeup kit, cause I learned that was one of the big things to have (besides mints).

The next make up look was more my thing anyways, as you all know I love color..especially satin, frost and shimmer eyeshadows. Considering I switched over my Coastal Scents Palettes into my kit (both my 88 Shimmer Palette and my Creative Me #1 Palette) I decided to play with color.

For face makeup I only changed one thing:
Wet N Wild Color Icon Blush in Berry Shimmer was the blush I switched to

Urban Decay Primer Potion
Coastal Scents 88 Shimmer Palette
P2 Eyeliner in Black Upper lash line
Wet N Wild Cream Eyeliner in Black for waterline
Maybelline The Voluminous Falsies Mascara in Black

NYX LipLiner in Fuschia
Clear Lipgloss from KiK just for some shine

I went for a slight tapered look for the eyes, the model was a mix of Filipina and German. I really wanted to capture her exotic dual nature. Plus when the model and I were headed downstairs which we were using for changing area (both of her clothes and her make up). The photographer asked me if that was basic make up (from the first set), I commented yes and so he told me he wanted some color.
Once I was done with the model's makeup, well predominantly done with it (minus applying the black mascara), I let her sneek a peak at herself. She got a huge smile on her face and was so excited about the colors. I think she was a bit worried, cause I had stated I was going for a 80's colors inspired look.

However the photographer was extremely happy with the choices I had made! Woot to that!


The next section of pictures are actual photo shots that I suggested the model pose as or suggested to the photographer to set up for.

Models bring their own accessories, clothes, etc to the photoshoot and I noticed she had this cute rosary. I thought it would be interesting to have it on her, considering her make up was so bright, her outfit (which you cant see in this pic) was semi provocative (gray cheetah print leggings, tight black shirt and bright blue heels).

I recommended to the model to try this pose, besides her hair in the pigtails. She originally had it set in a ponytail ontop of her head and as I thought it was cute. I thought the pigtails would really cute, plus as soon as I helped her with her hair. The photographer liked the change and she ended up working the pigtails.

This is my favorite shot of the night, and actually this is what I suggested and actually set up. Originally the photographer had her seated long ways on the couch with her heels just hanging slightly off of the couch. That was the only pop of color that was present besides her make up. So I went downstairs to grab the lipstick to touch up her lips...and the idea came to me.

Make her like she is at home in her room just doing her own thing. Since she had tons of bright colored clothes, I grabbed them all, her backpack, cell phone, the photographers laptop and just kinda threw them around her and told her to sit in the middle of the couch. Not only does it add a bunch of color but I think it's a really fun shot.

The photographer and I talked turkey, so I just need to email him a list of rates of my prices for various projects. Ideally, the photographer wants to include my price into his own when he is doing projects.

I'm not certain if this necessarily is a good idea, but I figure it never hurts to get my feet wet and see what happens. If I can get shots from it that I can use to build a portfolio and make some extra cash cool, and if I feel like I'm doing more than what I am making then I can bring it up and go from there.

I want to do one more photoshoot for sure, with another model and another two different looks, so that I can put in my app for Model Mayhem!

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