Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Glamour Doll Eyes Fix for this week

Another day...another surprise in the mailbox! I was so excited to open up this bad order for the Limited Edition Halloween Set 2 from Glamour Doll Eyes. This actually was my original first Halloween Set ordered...however I received it second.

Now this is what is screwy out of the postal service that we have here in Germany through our military base. This item was shipped out on October 1st (which I ordered on September 25th...however I not only chose to purchase the Halloween I had to wait until the other items I had included were ready as well). In the meantime I had purchased my Halloween Set 1 and received it before this set (posted earlier this month). So needless to say, I was thrilled to received my lovely package, October 12th.

In no way do I blame Vee for the delay of my still got out fast, considering all the orders that she has been receiving recently. Plus I was aware of the fact that with adding any additional items (other than lashes) would cause my order to take longer to be sent out. Besides the fact that Columbus day (made the guys get a long weekend) and our base having a base wide meeting on the Friday before the holiday didn't help my cause!

Like last time, it came in the lovely little black with orange star mesh bag. Two business cards and a sticker...besides an additional plastic baggie that held my additional purchases, which were two eyelight samples (and I received two sample shadow baggies as well).

Looking at the Glamour Doll Eyes website I notice that this particular set is no longer available to purchase, which makes me even happier in the fact that I have it. NOT trying to brag...just I'm glad I spent my money on something unique!

Anyways, this Halloween set 2 comes with a total of 4 scare shadows (eye shadows) which cost me $16.00...keeping in mind that I am getting full sized products (normally $6.00 for full size shadows)...I'm saving $8.00 by getting this entire set. Also the fact that it is limited edition and now no longer on the website...makes this price a steal!!!
I do love the fact these colors even in the jars they are so bright and pretty...I seriously couldn't wait to get my lovely and trusty ELF eyeshadow brush (it's what I use when I swatch), my ELF Mineral Eyeshadow Primer (cause if the color looks good on a inexpensive eye base...imagine on a higher price point one) and my travel size MAC Fix +

So without further delay, let's get to some swatches and descriptions of this awesome set.
For the breakdown of the color it will be posted my personal description of the colors and the official description from the website will be noted by (*).

Satan's Sheets - Interesting name...and ubber unique color! Since I own most of Vee's line I can actually say I have not seen a white shadow in any of her lines (yes, even including the Twi-shadows) like this. This color is so pretty, the best way to describe it is a pearl white with TONS of multi-colored shimmer (purple, blue, pink, gold...well this is what I see on my skin).

When Satan's Sheets is blended out dry it takes on more of a pearlistic pink color. Getting it wet...OMG it is so pretty. I could stare at it all day!!!
This color will be a great highlight and inner tear duct (eye brightener). Though I could imagine a pretty pin up look using this for the lid...I think I have an idea for a look using it!!!
BTW this color is one of my two FAVORITES from this set.

*Satan's Sheets - is a satiny white with lots of red sparkle
This is approved for Eyes, Lips, Face & Nails

Infections- Metallic Orange Rustic color with a bit of shimmer, I would say it was more like a satin based shadow. The shimmer appeared to be goldish hue. It's too bad this color is Limited Edition, I don't think there is any other permanent shadows in Glamour Doll Eyes quite like this.
Infectious is very pretty dry and blended is actually really great color for the fall season. Reminds me of the colors of the leaves that are on the trees outside my front door. When this color is wet..again something so marvelous to look at! It totally reminds me of a brand new Copper Penny.
This would make a great lid or liner...and definitely a fun nail polish!

*Infectious - dark burnt orange with black undertones and red/gold shimmer
This is approved for Eyes, Lips, Face & Nails

Teenage Witch- Metallic Forest Green with black undertones and LOTS of shimmer (gold & green). I do believe there is another color in the permanent line that is quite similar to this color (Twi-shadow Big Brother)...the only major difference is the underlying black tones.

Random Thought- I have noticed the influence of black undertones to shadows this fall season and I'm all for it!!! Just saying!!!

When blended out Teenage Witch becomes a pretty greenish black that would make a great smokey eye. When it is wet, total POP of GREEN color!!!! I can see myself using it over a black base as really make the green stand out more.
This would look pretty on the lid, crease and as a liner.

*Teenage Witch - dark grayish green with gold sparkle
This is approved for Eyes, Face and Nails.
This is NOT approved for Lips

Undead- to DIE for burgundy/dark purple with black undertone. Again reminds me of a satin shadow though it does have a bit of sparkle to it (sparkle is golden).

Now this color does remind me alot of Just Bitten from Twi-shadows, however it is a deeper purple and the black undertone makes it different.
FYI, I love Just Bitten...and I totally love UNDEAD!!!

When blended out Undead has that pretty metallic purple/burgundy. Applied wet....yeah I'm in Purple satin heaven, it does take on a more plummy purple.

It will be great anywhere you want to put it... lid, crease, nails, and lips. I could see this being an awesome lip color for Halloween or if you wanted to play around with going Goth for a day.
This is my other FAVORITE color from the set...but I do have a thing for purples.

*Undead - black with red undertones/sheen
This is approved for Eyes, Lips, Face & nails

Final thoughts of my swatches verses official descriptions: I was dead on for some color...and sadly pretty off for one my favorite colors..don't know how that really works but whatever!!

I'm very very happy to have this set in my Glamour Doll Eyes Collection. I think having greedy as that sounds is the only way to go. I do believe there are great colors in both sets...and there are alot of fun looks that can done combining both.

While Halloween Set 1 has more shimmery shadows, Halloween Set 2 has more satin based shadows...which I think Shimmer and Satin (with Graveyard...the matte from Halloween Set 1) are totally meant to be together!!!

I am also including pics of the other items I purchased along with the set..which were two eyelights (glitters). Keep in mind, there are two sizes you can purchase for shadows and eyelights on the Glamour Doll Eyes website. I paid $2.00 for each sample size of these glitters (in jar you can also get sample baggie size).

Ditzy - is a pretty medium pink glitter (that I think I might use in a Katy Perry look). The color really reminds me of Bubble Gum.

Monster Mash- Olive Green/Black multi colored glitter (lots of green, orange and red glitter all throughout this). Definite great color to use for Halloween.


And as usual (which I love BTW) whenever you make a purchase with Vee you get two samples.
I already have a full size jar of After Prom, so I'm going to set it aside to put into a swap or love package for someone else. However, I don't have Just Dance, thus I will be keeping it for myself!

Hope you have enjoyed this very long blog posting. I hope to do another FOTD using some shadows from this Halloween set next!


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