Sunday, October 24, 2010

Upcoming SALE for Glamour Doll Eyes

It is already known how much of an obsession I have for Vee's amazing Glamour Doll Eyes shadows!!!

And I seriously do believe that anyone who hasn't tried out the product is definitely missing out on some great products!

I actually did a review on this line about 5 months ago, since then my collection of Glamour Doll Eyes has grown. To where it now all fits in one whole drawer in my make up tower (one of those rubber made 7 tier/drawer). One day I will have something nicer to place my wonderful collection in...but for now it totally works!

I personally love all of the eyeshadows and twi-shadows from Vee, and it's important to point out that she is always creating new and exciting colors.

I'm currently waiting for my order of my 80's child Collection to come in (as it's my birthday present from Joe)...which of course I will swatch and share when I receive it!

Getting to my POINT!!!!

Vee has decided to do something UBBER AMAZING and FABULOUS! If you didn't already know Vee has decided to change the label...that is right the current label will be retiring its lovely self. Cause there will be a new face in the world of Glamour Doll Eyes!

What better way to help the original label's retirement than a final bang! Well, in this case, CLEARANCE SALE!!! That's right, all of the lovely Glamour Doll Eyes Shadows, Twi-Shadows and Eyelights, in all sizes (sample baggie, sample jar, full sized jars) will be on sale for 25% off normal price!

**Keep in mind all new collections will be normal priced. Custom Shadow Towers will be normal priced as well. Besides lashes**

Little Break Down of Glamour Doll Eyes

Eyeshadows, Twi-Shadows:
I love the fact you end up getting a really good deal for a full size shadow which comes in a 5 gram jar filled to the brim (if you opt not to get the shifter) for $6.00 (getting 2 to 2.5 grams of product). * During the sale only $4.50

*with a shifter in the full size jar you can get anywhere from 1.5 to 2 grams of product

For a samples you will be paying anywhere from $1.50 for a sample eye shadow baggie (which has .5 grams of product) *During the sale ONLY $1.13

$2.50 for a sample jar (that has 1 gram of product) *During the sale ONLY $1.88


Eyelights: (Glitter)
I own almost all of the Eyelights (amazing finely milled glitter)! Hate to sound so cliche but they are just as amazing, if not better than MAC glitters!

A full size jar in the eyelight will cost $4.50 (you will get 2 to 2.5 grams of product) *During the sale ONLY $3.38

Sorry no pic for a full size

For samples of the eyelights you will be paying anywhere from $1.10 for a sample baggie (which has .5 grams of product) *During the sale ONLY $.82

$2.00 for a sample jar (that has 1 gram of product). *During the sale ONLY $1.50


Don't forget about the AMAZING NEW SHADOW TOWERS

*Pictured Josh and Lorena Towers

Vee is also running a current special on the Pre-Made Shadow Towers..15% OFF of the normal price. Reason being is the labels on the Shadow Towers will be changing as well!

There are 4 different types of towers you can get 3 tier, 4 tier, 5 tier, 6 tier

price for 3 tier: $10.50 on SALE for $8.93
price for 4 tier: $14.00 on SALE for $11.90
price for 5 tier: $17.50 on SALE for $14.88
price for 6 tier: $21.00 on SALE for $17.85

**Also If you didn't know, there is actually a Lorena Tower (pictured above on the right) that is available. That's right, I chose those lovely colors of Bare Naked, Chocoholic, Fabulous.**

Out with the Old and in with the NEW

As sad as I am to see the original label be put to rest, I'm VERY VERY excited about this sale!

Just because it is twice in one year that Vee is hooking up all Make up lovers, collectors and artists with GREAT Deals for her amazing shadows! Normally Vee does a ONE time Customer Appreciation sale (which just occurred a few months ago), so to have another sale so close!!! AMAZING!!!!

So if you have been on the fence about Glamour Doll Eyes or if you are an fiend like me, needing to stock up on the lovely shadows. TAKE ADVANTAGE of this SALE!

**Sale will end whenever Vee decides. Quantity is limited of what is when it's's Gone. Or in this case...the sale will more than likely be over**

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