Thursday, October 28, 2010

SugarPill is Now in my Life

Now I have held out a very long time before jumping on this band wagon of SUGARPILL!

Yes, I know right, what is wrong with me? SugarPill has been raved about on blogs, twitter, YouTube, and make up sites for a good while now. But it would take the Monster Sale that occurred right around Halloween this year to finally get me on board.

I actually learned about the sale via Twitter from the lovely and wonderful Phyrra, who is not only an amazing artist but a very through beauty blogger. By far one of my favorite people to read when I actually have the chance, even then just scrolling through her FOTD 's is pretty nice as well. From her I have learned of more mineral companies..who (in time) I plan to check out.

Anyways, Phyrra had a short blog entry on October 13th in regards to the Monster Sale that SugarPill was offering. In the entry she spoke of how SugarPill was being AWESOME and having a Monster sale on the Pressed Shadow Palettes. The Palettes were going to be 40% off normal price as many of them were rejects, whether it was because of a pressing error for a make up pan or packaging problems. No matter what the case was, all those palettes were going on sale...and I had to take advantage of it.

You can purchase the 4 Pressed Eyeshadow palettes at SugarPill for $34.00, which is the better deal of the pressed shadows by this company since on shadow individually is $12.00 so you end up saving $14.00 by getting a Quad. It's important to keep in mind though that the 4 Color Palettes are set in whatever colors they have, so although there are 3 Quads available one of the quads will have a repeat of colors (ie Cold Heart..which has the purple from Burning Heart and the blue from Sweetheart).

With all this said, I ordered my Quad on October 13th (pretty much right after I read Phyrra's post), since apparently people were jumping all over the deal, only one Palette was available. Now the palette I got ended up having one minor flaw which is the reason it was available for the Monster sale price.

**I like to point out that I paid $20.40 for the Quad and for Shipping and Handling it is a fixed rate of $5.00, thus the total I spent for everything was $25.40. Which no matter how you look at it is a GREAT deal for the amount of product and the quality of product I was receiving! As the Pans themselves have 4 grams of product (.14 oz) to get 14 grams of product for under $26 bucks totally ROCKS!!!**

I got an email about 2 hours after making my purchase stating that my item had been shipped out...same say processing?! Again, AMAZING!!! This being my first purchase from SugarPill and having such fast processing of my order, proves to me they are company to definitely keep saved in the favorites section of my laptop.

Exactly one week later, October 21st I received my lovely package! That's right 7 days, again another huge KUDOS, as it on average takes packages from other make up related companies 7 to 10 days to get processed through Customs and into my mail box!

Totally Heart the exterior packaging
Everything was packed so nice and neat!

Another thing that makes SugarPill stick out is the fact, the lovely Owner and Creator, Amy took the time to sign my order Slip. I know she is quite a busy woman, with her make up line as well as her fashion line. But it truly makes my order and overall experience with purchasing from SugarPill personal. Plus I think the sticker is super cute! The package came with two business cards, one of the company and then Amy's Personal business card!!!

Finally to what I officially ordered
The box that the palette came in...very cute packaging. SugarPill overall is just very catchy!
The exterior of the Palette.
The backside of the Palette. The SugarPill Kitty is just too CUTE!

Finally the inside of the palette! As you can see it's Burning Heart.
The colors include the following (from top Left & Down, to top Right & Down):
Poison Plum

These are amazing, Brilliant, pigmented Matte shadows that are filled to the brim of the pan. The only shadow that had a small dent in it (which is another reason why it went on sale)though you can't tell in the picture is Buttercupcake, the yellow. I accidently stuck my finger in FlamePoint, the orange, before I took this picture hence the fingerprint in it! ha ha

Let's look at some swatches of the lovely products!
**Please keep in mind I swatched this over two different bases, refer to picture to see which side is on which type**
Hopefully the annotations show up...photobucket was giving me some issues when I went to post the pics to the blog post! just in case the top row closest to my ring finger is on the white base, NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk. The bottom swatches are on ELF Mineral Eye Primer.

The colors are just amazing! PIGMENTED! BRIGHT! MATTE! FABULOUS!

Although these do remind me of the Coastal Scents Creative Me #1 Palette, SugarPill by far is brighter and has longer staying power. It took me two make up wipes (I use ELF Studio Make Up Remover Wipes) to get all the color off the back of my hand.

The hardest color to remove would be Love+, being the matte Red...and it always seems like Red Matte shadows tend to stain. But with a little extra wiping it came off and did not stain my hand, which is good cause then it shouldn't stain my lids!

Overall, I'm Very Very VERY satisfied with my first order and experience with SugarPill.

Now that I have some pressed shadows from them, I realize I long for the loose shadows. Hopefully sometime soon I will have the luxury of placing an order for some. But for the time being I hope to get some good use out of the Burning Heart Quad. I personally think I will end up transferring it over into my Make Up Kit as I can see the bright colors really popping in photoshoots, especially when I work with certain photographers that want COLOR!

I can't wait til I can place another order...for now I will just sit and oogle at the pretty colors!



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  1. I come across to your blog because I search on google if Sugarpill will ship to Germany. XD
    I hope I will order it someday.
    I really love the bright color !