Friday, July 8, 2011

Day 10: Caguama for LIFE

Today entry is again a day late, I got busy with actually having to run errands for the household that I forgot to do my new morning routine.

However this actual blog entry is probably going to be one of my favorites, reason being is it gets to talk about someone very near and dear to me. I have mentioned this person both on my YouTube, and on my personal Facebook. Though I'm pretty sure she is also on my make up Facebook page!

So let me get right into it!!!

Day 10 - A picture of the person you do the most ****** up things with

Me and Wingo at the beach, May 2011

Wingo, whose real name is Christina..though I have been calling her Wingo now for quite sometime is family...she is and always will be my sister. She was officially inducted into my family about 7 or 8 years ago, at a camping trip in Mexico in front of a large crowd of my parents long time friends.

And just like sisters, Wingo and I have had our good times and our bad times. Any of our bad times, do happen to involve a decent amount of alcohol we both like to party and CAGUAMA together.

Wingo...Christina, is really the only person who will ever truly know what Caguama means. You can Caguama for the good times, you can Caguama during the bad times, as she puts it best "Caguama is a way of life".

Now, you are probably wondering what exactly do I mean by Caguama...well here's a picture to show ya what I mean. It kinda goes along with the idea of crazy s*** that I have done with Wingo.

Wingo's Tattoo

Literally, Caguama means tortoise. And we originally got the idea and huge story background with Caguama from the actual beer brand pictured next to the tattoo. It goes back to the same weekend that my family adopted her into the you can imagine it is quite a tale!

Anyways, once Joe and myself got the orders that we would be moving to Germany for 4 years, It was a must that Wingo come out to California at the time to visit and say our final goodbyes. I had agreed on a time back, to get a matching tattoo with Wingo..though thinking about it I don't really know if I completely meant it at the time I agreed to it. Nonetheless, when it came to be time...I wanted to get it. Actually I'm the one that came up with the idea of the flower in the middle of the turtle's back.

Sadly Wingo's isn't an exact match to my tattoo as she separated the Caguama and the turtle, putting one on her back and one on her foot. While I did both on my shoulder, the only other difference is while her flower is an orange center that fades to yellow. My flower is a yellow center that fades to orange.

Now, when it comes to tattoos they have to have personally meaning to you and you really have to want it (as it is on your skin for the rest of your life). As I mentioned before in a different blog post I want to eventually have tattoos on my back, and I want all the ones on my back to mean something. I am forever imprinted with Caguama and my turtle, a tattoo that only one other person in my life shares.

For good or for bad, Wingo is my sister. And for good and for bad, we will forever Caguama together!

**I'm a little sentimental as I write this blog post entry. Wingo is currently serving a year tour in the desert in the Army. I worry about her, but know I will see her again soon.**

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