Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Day Eight: What makes you laugh

I think actually is going to be one my favorite blog entries for the Photo Challenge, as Day 8 and Day 10 are tied together. Considering it will be about a fun and quite drunken filled weekend with one of my best friends.

As you know, if you have been paying attention to my blog posts within the past month, I went back to the states to visit my family for about a month.

I know I actually haven't really blogged much about my trip...I have waiting to see if anyone is really interested in hearing about it. Plus it is taking me long enough to get really going into blogging about anything else other than make up! HA HA

However one of my favorite memories while I was back in the states, that will always I mean always make me laugh not only at the memory. But at the mere fact of what is going on!

Day 08 - A picture that makes you laugh

The Night of the Chalk Incident May 2011

Mind you this picture was taken after alot of alcohol had been drank by myself and my partner in crime at the time, Wingo.

This picture is at the camping ground found at the Silver Strand State Beach in San Diego, CA during Memorial Day weekend. My family tends to like to take their RV and go camping of some sort...their particular favorite is on the beach.

Anyways, Wingo and myself headed off to join my mom at the beach Friday evening, after spending a good chunk of the day cleaning the house (with my younger brother) as a request from my mom. Hence, we were ready to get our drink on once we arrived. This picture was taken about 3 hours after being at the beach...which meant there was at least 5 to 7 shots of tequila and 3-5 beers drank by us.

We were ubber bored and feeling pretty damn good, hence we went on a little walking adventure. Stealing a piece of chalk from one of my parents friends kids, we thought it would be a good idea to randomly tag the ground with various writings.

I thought it would be hilarious to die and have my body outlined...making it a CSI crime scene. Thus I laid down on the ground and Wingo started to draw around me. What made this even more hilarious is a random beach goer passed by and pointed out that she needed to mark the location of my cup as well...since it was a crime scene and all!

Notice the cup outline and the cell phone

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