Monday, July 11, 2011

Day 12: What I love most

I do think it's interesting the way in which the 30 day photo challenge requirements go. Personally I would go from what I love most to what I "hate", as you can see one extreme of a person to the next. But whatever works, I must continue to go by what the list tells me to.

Speaking of, I am horrible at actually getting around to getting these blog posts least during the weekends. I blame my friends here for distracting me with awesome food, drinks and hilarious drunken debauchery!!! I really do wonder what in the world I did before both my mister and myself were inducted into the group that we more often than not hang out with during the weekends this past year.

Day 12 - A picture of something you love

My goofy mister, summer 2009

Now I know it says something you love, verses someone you love. But I can love the silliness that my husband brings into my life. Which at times can drive me a bit batty, to where I swear up and down he is the reason why we don't always go out in public.

Being married to a "crazy" man does have its high points and it's odd points. Example being it is really never a dull moment when we are out and about. Joe always seems to be able to do something random that will make me laugh...or at least make me look at him and go "really?".

However when he isn't feeling something, place, what we are doing...his goofiness can be really annoying, Example, when my family was visiting us here in Europe this past summer and we all went to Paris, France for a few days. Joe was not at all feeling France, true it was raining the whole time we were there. We had to walk everywhere, which hurts his feet, and the French people were rather rude (because we were American)..thus every picture I have with him in it. He has making some god awful face because he is unhappy and quite grumpy. Thinking about it now, it's funny that his misery is so evident in the pictures. But I know at the time when I would flip back and look at the pictures, I yelled at him for ruining the picture.
Oh well live and learn I suppose.

It is his randomness and slight craziness that makes me laugh most...and I think that is why we are a pretty good match for each other. I'm more of the serious planning type, while he is the go with the flow silly type. If he wasn't like that...I don't think we would've lasted...and I'm pretty happy that we have!!!

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