Wednesday, July 6, 2011

In The Kitchen: Milanese AKA Crunchy Meat

One of my favorite items to make is Milanese, which I grew up calling Crunchy Meat. I learned this recipe from my Nana, who is the closest to a grandma that I got to see on a regularly basis.

My nana actually is my mom's Godmother...but due to the fact that my maternal grandmother past away before I was born. My nana has been a stand in for me, I did get to see her when I was down in the states this past May.

Anyways, whenever I make this dish I always think about her and all the memories that I had while over at her house. It also helps that Joe loves this dish, I have to make it at least once a pay check. And even though I normally make a ton of this, I dont end up with many leftovers...cause Joe attacks this dish like it is his JOB!!!

It is very similar to Country Fried Steak, though the actual batter is a bit different. Hence why in the video I call it Pan Fried Steak!!!

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