Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Drama Mamazz Mineral Make Up

I recently reviewed this mineral make up company on a formal video on my YouTube channel.

However I wanted to do just a few extra notes on my blog as to explain how I give overall rating to the Drama Mamazz Mineral line a 3.5 out of 5 stars.

I break down all my reviews into different sections: Customer Service & If there are any issues how are they handled, Price Compared to Amount of Product, Shipping & Handling Prices for Products, Pros to the product(s), Cons to the product(s).

Now some of the sections might seem like they below within the same category, but I keep them different so that they can make up the FIVE star ratings. And two, although a company or product can do well in one section (let's say price compared to amount of product) they could do poor in another (Shipping and Handling Prices for prodBolducts).

Customer Service
DramaMamazz got a point in this section because of how quick they were to inform me of a problem they had with my order (ie ran out of an item). They informed me, offered me other choices, and followed up quickly after I sent in my change in order.
Plus they informed me when the items were shipped, which was within 3 days after placing my order and paying for my order. Overall the items took a total of 7 business days to arrive to my post office Box in Germany.
Point +1
Price Compared to Amount of Product(s)
Currently DramaMamazz are offering 5 gram jars of shadows for $5.00 which equals out to $1.00 a gram, which isn't necessarily a bad price for shadows. However when I placed my order back in June 2010, I was able to purchase sample sizes of the products. I paid $1.00 for a sample baggie of product (which was anywhere fro 1/8 to 1/4 tsp of product...which has lasted me quite sometime). That sadly is not an option now (unless you email DramaMamazz and find out).
Also at the time I placed my order they offered small inexpensive jewelry which is now no longer available, I think it was nice. To get my fix of make up and find cute cheap accessories (cause you never know when you can tie in your make up and jewelry together to make a cute look).
Point +.5

Shipping and Handling of Product(s)
Currently DramaMamazz offers $2.00 intial shipping and handling fee with additional items being $.50 a piece added to the overall shipping price. Which relatively isn't that bad (considering you are getting a 5 gram jar of product). Keep in mind this pricing goes for international or stateside first class mail shipping.
However when I purchased my items in 2010, I was charged $5.00 Shipping and Handling fee when I only purchased over 10 items (8 shadow sample baggies and 2 rings..thus my order before s&h was $10). So you can imagine I was slightly dismayed at the fact I was paying half of my order in shipping and handling fees. Plus considering the items were very light weight and were shipped off in first class padded mail envelope, I did feel like it was very high.
Point +.5

Pros to Products:
Easy to apply and Easy to blend
Good selection of color choices and types of shadows (ie mattes, shimmer, shimmer with glitter)
Little bit of product goes a long way
Point +1

Cons to Products:
Has lots of fallout (especially Shimmer with glitter shadows)
Requires a higher quality primer to keep shadows from creasing
Colors I purchased were no longer available on the site (only 14 overall colors available at the time)
Needs a sticky base Or products foiled to keep products from wearing off
Shadows that were Shimmer with glitter swatched/blended streaky (nude spots)
Point +.5

Overall Score: 3.5 out of 5

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