Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Day 14: I would've never been able to get through

As a child I knew that my family would always have my back no matter the circumstance. However as an adult I have and still do worry about what they are going to think. As silly as it sounds, I don't mind asking for the help, the guidance. But I totally don't want the judgement.

I personally think it's BS when someone says they don't judge you. I mean, I do actually say I don't judge (and for the most part I do not), but it's an innate characteristic of all humans.

I suppose that is why the person who I need the most is someone that many wouldn't expect!

Day 14 - A picture of someone you could never imagine your life without

Yup, if it wasn't for this little four legged pain in my ass (well she has been recently because she can't decide if she wants in or out), I would be pretty lost.

Reckless is my old lady dog. And she is my dog, I got her when I officially got my first real place after graduating college back in 2004. Mind you, I had been in my new place for about 3 weeks and I wasn't suppose to have any pets in the first place. Though through alot of luck and some non caring neighbors I had this lovely fur ball with me.

Reckless is a pound dog, she had issues when I first brought her home. And even now after 6 almost 7 years of living with me, she still has them. She is not a big fan of kids, other bigger animals, especially cats. Hates new people, especially men, and rather be a bum most of the day. She loves walks, going for car rides and getting her crack (aka Greenies).

And for as many issues as she has, I love her to death. I will be extremely heart broken when she doesnt wake up from one of her many naps. God forbid if I actually had to put her down...I think that would kill me.

Reckless has been my buddy, my bish (as I so politely call her). She knows when I'm mad, she knows when I'm happy and she knows when I'm sad. There had been many of days or nights, where I would sit on the couch crying over something stupid (normally a boy). She would come up to me with those sad brown eyes and look at me. And before I could even say a thing, she would hop onto the couch and lay down on me/next to me. And let me cuddle with her (which she isn't a fan of too often).


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