Monday, July 4, 2011

July's Giveaway On YouTube and Twitter

With the beginning of July, I decided it's time to really get back on track in regards to my YouTube channel. Considering I have been pretty random when it comes to posting videos. I know I had posted here on my blog of an upcoming giveaway, though my original item that was going up for grabs was something different.

I decided, after doing some spring cleaning within my shelves, that it was time to show appreciation towards all those beauty lovers...who take the time, effort and energy to do and maintain their nails.

It is the running joke (at least with half a dozen people) on YouTube that I'm one the most entertaining beauty YouTubers, for the fact that I do not stay on top of my nails. I do always have them chipped, half done, or not done whatsoever. And being an active beauty YouTuber with this flaw is normally NOT a good thing!

I have personally tried to get into doing nails, for a bit I was actually attempting to use the nail art pieces from LA Colors. But with the release of the crackle nail polish from different brands (whether stateside or european), figured that is the easiest way to make my nails a but different.

So, with me rambling on about nails it got me to decide to do a nail giveaway on both my YouTube and Twitter, since there are alot of others who are interested in those types of products. I do really try with my nails....but it really isn't my thing! LOL

Rules for Giveaway on YouTube And Twitter:

Starts July 1, 2011 Friday
Ends: July 8, 2011 3 AM PST (12 pm n germany) Friday

1. Must be a subscriber to this Channel (for YT prize)
Must be a follower on Twitter (for Twitter prize)


3. 18 or UP or parent permission for BOTH GIVEAWAYS

Yes, if you are both a subscriber on my YT and a follower on my Twitter you can enter both giveaways...though ONLY ONCE!!!

5. How to enter:

**YouTube giveaway leave a comment below telling me your favorite nail polish and why.
Example "My favorite nail polish is 9012Orange by Wet N Wild because I love orange and sparkles"

**Twitter giveaway need to state the following: "@SoCalGrlNGerman my most notorious quirk is...(fill in the blank)"

Here is the official video!!!

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