Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Day 7: My most treasured item

Finally getting on a roll when it comes to this blogging thing, though of course I am doing this all in one of course it is gonna be easy to go (since I have started).

Though I do have to refill my coffee cup, as I'm pretty low and every good writer knows that you need to have something to wet your whistle. It keeps the creative juices flowing!! HA HA

**Total side note: I give HUGE and MAJOR props to all the beauty bloggers who are blogging all throughout the day. Whether it is on reviews, swatches, first impressions, or FOTD. Especially those bloggers who actual job is to maintain their blog site!!! WOW!! Freaking ROCKSTARS!!

Day 07 - A picture of your most treasured item

Joe and Reckless, my family May 2009

I'm going to sound pretty sappy, but my little family is one of the most precious things to me. And btw I include my dog Reckless, as she was actually my family member before I met Joe..she actually has been with me since I got my first good official apartment when I moved out on my own!

They both love me in their own ways, which both do at times have funny ways of showing it. They make me smile, reckless when she wants to play...and Joe whenever he does something sweet. They both comfort me when I'm sad or down. And at times they both piss me off, Joe with his obssession with his video game...and Reckless with her liking to shred paper!

No matter what I love them and I am very thankful and happy to have them both in my life. They are my family and I will do my damnest to make sure that nothing happens to them!

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