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High Voltage Cosmetics Mystery Collection & Swatches

I got these shadows a while back, however I never got around to posting the swatches and first thoughts about them.

Sadly these particular shadows offered by the lovely Jasmine at High Voltage aren't listed anymore on the website (as they were a special collection). The Mystery Collection was actually leftovers from little creations that Jasmine had. Whether it was trying to come up with a new color for a collection, or merely accidently mixing a little of one color with a little of another.

What made the Mystery Collection unique is the fact that these colors won't really be able to be reproduced, so if it caught my fancy...I purchased it.

**I want to note that I love the fact High Voltage offers sample baggies at a very affordable price $1.00 a baggie and shipping is always fair. **

I placed my order for this small selection of Mystery Shadows shortly before Christmas, in which it was a total of $9 overall. I picked out 9 different Mystery colors and had FREE shipping!!! It was shipped out on December 22nd and arrived Jan 3rd 2011...which I think is pretty good time frame (considering how often our post office on base was closed for the holidays).

To add just an extra touch Jasmine included a note, which just shows me how much thought, time and effort she puts into her customer service and customers!!! This is why I always keep going back for more!!!

My cute note from Jasmine

Additional Goodies for my ordering from High Voltage
Yay for more SAMPLES!!!

**With every order you place with High Voltage you do get samples**

On to the Make up PORN...I mean swatches!!!

*All products are swatched over ELF Mineral Eyeshadow Primer. If the shadow is swatched Wet it is using MAC fix +
For all swatches (if the proper link for photobucket doesn't work right, the Dry swatch is on top the wet swatch is on bottom)

Mystery Shadow #6
Teal with blue shimmer

While dry this color seems to have more of an aqua green color. While wet it is a gorgeous teal blue and you can see all the shimmer!!

Suggestion of what to do with this color: #6 would make a beautiful lid color, lower lash liner to make the eyes pop. Or turned into an eyeliner to make a look even more exciting!!!

Mystery Shadow #17
Sky blue with a hint of lilac

This color dry seems to have an duo chrome effect going from a light blue to a soft purple. While wet this color has more of an aqua light blue, reminding me of a satin based shadow.

Suggestion of what to do with this color: #17 would make a pretty lid color as well as a fun nail polish to wear during the early spring.

Mystery Shadow #29
Green/Olive with black undertones

While this shadow is dry is has more of a golden green with copper and gold shimmer. However when it is applied wet it has more of an olive green (darker) and you can see the gold shimmer spread throughout it (this would also pop more on a dark base).
*This reminds me of MAC's Golden Olive Pigment (I think I will have to do a swatch comparison later on).

Suggestion of what to do with this color: #29 would make a beautiful eye liner or lid color.

Mystery Shadow #28
Darkened Bronzy Gold

*It reminded me of mixing the two Euro coin colors together..hence why they are pictured between the swatches!!!

This color dry appears to be a darker gold and you can see the gold reflects in it. However if it is applied wet is takes on a lighter gold coloring.

Suggestion of what to do with this color: #28 would make a great lid color (especially if you were going for a smokey golden look). Plus it would make a great eye brightener (popping it in the inner corner or lower lash line). Also think this would be a pretty liner!

Mystery Shadow #36
Golden Green with Green Shimmers

This color is pretty similiar to #29 when swatched dry. However when it is applied wet you can see there are no dark undertones as in #29. You see gold and green shimmer all throughout the shadow.

Suggestion of what to do with this color: #36 again this particular green would be a great lid color, or even blended into the crease to give a great smokey effect.

Mystery Shadow #31
Darkened Maroon/Purple with black undertones

When this color is dry (which you can't really see in the picture) it has blue and purple shimmer all throughout the swatch. When this is applied wet it's quite pretty and you can see the dark undertones (next time need to swatch it over a dark base and see how it looks).

Suggestion of what to do with this color: #31 would be an ideal crease color to use for a smokey eye or lid color (if you did a reverse smokey eye). Could also substitute this as a liner on either the top or lower lash line.

Mystery Shadow #33
Dusty Pink/Purple with golden shimmers

This color dry reminds me a bit of MAC Star Violet, because the golden shimmers throughout the shadow. However you notice the shimmers more when you apply this color wet, to which the color takes on more of a darker burgundy (mauve).

Suggestion of what to do with this color: #33 would make a pretty lid color and crease color, pending on what it is paired up with.

Mystery Shadow #32
*Will be uploading picture tomorrow

Sea Green with Silver Shimmer

When this color is dry and blended out it has more of a sea green color, reminding me of the Pacific Ocean. When this color is applied wet it becomes a beautiful teal blue/green.

*This reminds me of Island Chic by Glamour Doll Eyes

Suggestion of what to do with this color: #32 would be a great liner or lid color. Possibly even a fun nail polish color to rock during the summer time.

Mystery Shadow #27
*Will be uploading a picture tomorrow

Dark Plummy Purple with hint of shimmer

This color dry isn't nearly as pretty as when it is wet, however you can see the shimmers have a pink color. When applied wet the color is a bit darker (than when dry) and you can see the undertone of pink alot better. The shadow has a slight satin feel which makes it very easy to blend or apply.

Suggestion of what to do with this color:# 27 would be a great crease color or a pretty liner (especially for green eyed gals/guys).

Overall, I really like the colors I chose to start off with from this Mystery Collection. Apparently when I placed the order I had a thing for metallic colors, as many have that look (especially when applied wet).

I will attempt to do a FOTD sometime soon using some of these colors!!!

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