Monday, July 11, 2011

Winners of My July Giveaways

Finally got around to getting the official video up for the winners for my Nails & More giveaway that I was doing on my YouTube and Twitter.

It is interesting to me that I did actually get a good handful of more subscribers on my YouTube channel for this particular giveaway. I'm guessing there are a few more people who are really into nails...which makes me rethink a bit of where I want to take my channel.

I have been majorly focused on make up, hauls, tutorials, reviews and whatnot. With the occasional video here and there about living in Germany, sharing recipes and random vlogs here and there. But I'm thinking maybe I should do more random beauty videos.

Though from doing this giveaway, I'm pretty sure I am going to try to do a once a month giveaway of a product. Rotating with the different types of products that I talk about on my videos. Since July was nails, I was thinking about August being a make up brand that is found in Germany. September be random German novelities (since it will be around Oktoberfest) and we would have to see about October.

I'm hoping that sometime soon I will be able to start off my 1500 subbie contest...though I'm waiting til I get to that point. More than likely I will be doing a video about it soon, at least a vlog like video. As I have been slowly but surely collecting things here and there for prizes for the contest.

Anyways the winner of the YouTube giveaway was actually someone who I have done a swap with early in the year, Yaya8212335 and for Twitter it was, Phatgirlzrule!
Total irony that these two lovelies won, however if you watch the video you know that it was via the fruit machine!!!

Congrats to both those winners and I hope to be posting soon of future giveaways or a bit more about my 1500 subbie contest!!!

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