Sunday, July 24, 2011

Day 16: Who Inspires me

So after a delay again in posting, I'm back to this lovely photo challenge connected to my blog. Apparently it seems Sundays tend to be the catch up days for me for YouTube and for my blog (as during the weekend I'm hanging out with friends and the mister).

Day 16 - A picture of someone who inspires you

My Dad at Pig Fest here in Germany Aug 2010

I bet you were expecting another picture of my mom huh? But nope, someone who inspires me is my dad (although he is definite number's an inside family joke).

My dad is the 3rd in a family of 11 kids, he grew up in Tijuana, Mexico. And in his life so far he has served his country for 22.5 years in the Marine Corps, is currently working within a military armory on a military base, been married to his wife for 31 years, and has 2 children that for the most part make him proud. He donates blood every time he is allowed to by the blood bank, he volunteers at his local church and is very active within that community.

My dad is very honest (bluntly honest to tell you the truth), he doesn't sugar coat his opinion and he doesn't believe telling the honest truth is a bad thing. True, there have been times where he has said some messed up stuff before to someone in the family, but we kinda expect it from him. And at the same time when you can dislike hearing it, at least you have someone who is willing to tell you how it is.

My dad's focus for most of my life has been working to put dinner on the table, I mean there are very few lifers (staying in the military for 20+years...making a career out of it). And the saying goes Once a Marine, Always a Marine...which is very true with my dad.

Mom and Dad in Bernkastle Aug 2010

The reason why my dad inspires me is pretty simple, he started off as a simple 3rd world country male who has worked his ass off to be where he is today. A houseowner, a veteran, a loyal husband, dedicated Catholic, and bad ass Dad. From where he originally started to where he is now, tells me that with persistence, a little elbow grease and can do anything you want to do. Because he wanted to have a good life, where he could be successful and comfortable (and give that to his family as well).

Dad and my brother May 2010

My dad expects (and times demands) the best out of me and my brother. And even as a married woman, my dad will still at times pull the daddy card on me....cause I guess I'll always be his little girl. And even though he drives me crazy, I'll accept being his little girl....any day.

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