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Sleek Make Up: Sunset Palette

I figured it was time to get some swatches up and talk a little bit about one of the two different palettes I have from Sleek Make up. Yes, both eyeshadow palettes were gifts from YouTuber Cookiemix67 for my birthday last year (yup it has been already 8 months since these bad boys came into my collection).

Sadly they collected quite a bit of dust as I left them unloved for a good amount of time, perhaps picking them up to remind myself of what colors were in them. But never really taking alot of time to sit and play with them! How ironic is the fact that one of the two I received has been my go to palette all of July so far?? Yet this blog post isn't about that palette.

Rather this blog post is about
The Sunset Palette #568
*Excuse the accident that one shadow had

**These products are swatched over ELF Mineral Eyeshadow Primer and foiled wet with ELF MakeUp Mist & Set**

Refer to the #'s for guides to colors

Looking at this palette the first thing I do think of is literally a sunset, the variety of rust, metallic and bright colors reminds me of what it looks like on the ocean when the sun is setting for the evening.

Upon swatching it is very, very, did I say VERY easy to come to the conclusion that these shadows are soft, easy to blend/swatch and PIGMENTED!!! There is only 1 true matte shadow in this palette #1, a deep matte black and then #11 is a shimmer/glitter based shadow (the least pigmented of them all..which is sad because it would be a pretty color).

Using Flash

No flash, using natural light

natural lighting dry Natural Lighting WET

#1 matte black

This shadow is one of the darkest black shadows in my collection. The only other black shadow (which did I mention these Sleek shadows are mineral based?) is my Glamour Doll Eyes Urban Trash shadow, I have actually been reaching for this color when I have wanted to smoke out a color in the inner crease. I personally believe it is more pigmented than my MAC Carbon.
*Will note that when this shadow was applied wet it actually required two full swipes with my brush in order to get the color payout that one swipe had done (dry). Still a very pigmented color no matter what

#2 Rusty Cranberry Red with a hint of gold shimmer.

Considering there are quite a few reddish/orangish/copper colors in this palette, it was really hard to attempt to describe the color. However the color swatched reminds me of the color of a dried cranberry.
*When applied wet the gold reflects/shimmer are more evident. Plus the color is a deeper shade of berry verses appearing red.

#3 Rusty Red/Orange with a gold undertone

Verses stating that it had gold reflects or gold shimmer, I viewed it more as a gold undertone. For when this color is blended out you can see the gold peaking through on the skin.
*When applied wet you see more of the orange pop. This was one of the easiest to swatch wet, it almost seems like this shadow was made to be foiled!

Natural lighting DRY Natural Lighting WET

#4 Bright Shimmery Orange

A beautiful bright and summer time color to have in the palette. It has hints of gold shimmer in it as well, which is probably why it reminds me of MAC Amber Lights when it is blended out.
*When applied wet you can really see the gold reflects all throughout the shadow

#5 Vibrant Yellow with slight gold sheen

Another bright summer time color to have in the palette as well. Again when this color is blended out it takes on more of a golden yellow tone. This is my favorite of the brighter colors in the palette.
*When applied wet it has a bright gold color, losing some of the bright yellowness.

#6 Bright Medium Ocean/Sky Blue

Of all the bright summer time colors in this palette, I believe this one is my second brighter favorite. It's that perfect blend of a blue to where you could imagine it both in the sky as well as the water.
*When applied wet you can see the shadow has blue shimmer all throughout it as well.

Applied Wet with flash

Applied WET Natural Lighting

Time for the second Row

Using Flash DRY

Natural Lighting DRY

Photobucket Photobucket
Natural Lighting DRY Natural Lighting WET

#7 Dark Burgundy with black undertones and a hint of gold reflects

I really don't know what else to say about this shadow, I believe it would look really good over a dark base.
*When applied wet you can see the gold reflects better and the berry/burgundy color is deeper.

#8 Metallic Red with shimmer

There are very few companies that can get a good red shadow. It's a perfect blend of warm/cool tone red.
This does remind me alot of Glamour Doll Eyes Her Revenge shadow
*When applied wet the color literally becomes even more gorgeous. Another HUGE favorite of mine from this palette.

#9 Coppery orange with gold reflects

Another great metallic color in the palette, it reminds me very much of a penny. This is my second favorite metallic color shadow from this palette.
*When applied wet it takes on even more cooper tone, so that it is like a brand new shiny copper penny.

Natural lighting Dry Natural Lighting WET

#10 Shimmery/Glittery Medium Gold

I was most disappointed with this shadow from the entire palette, as the shimmer appeared to have the texture for glitter. It did not swatch properly (took three swatches to get the proper color pay out for picture taking). Plus the shimmer was chunky, so that if it was blended out it would be bare in some parts.
*When applied wet this shadow did a bit better for swatching, however the glitter/shimmer is just too big for the shadow. I dislike this shadow the most...it's sad too. I think it would've been a pretty color.

#11 Soft Champagne Gold

This color is a perfect mix of soft shimmer with good pigmentation. It has a gold undertone, perhaps even some reflects/shimmer in it which are very eyecatching!
*When applied wet this color takes on more of a nudey gold, possibly a dupe to one of the colors you can find in the Urban Decay Naked Palette. (I'll check and post later on if I find anything).

#12 Shimmery Pale Pink with a hint of gold

A very soft color that I believe is a good addition to the palette (as a good highlight color). Although it does seem to fade a bit if it is blended out dry.
*When applied wet this color becomes quite a frosty looking pink.

Applied Wet with Flash

Applied Wet in Natural Lighting

I haven't used this palette that much, but after taking the time to swatch all the pretty colors. I do think I will try to at least get a FOTD done using some of my favorite colors!

Colors I want to note

Although #8 and #2 are within the same family color scheme, they are unique colors. While #8 has more of a reddish metalic color, #2 has a red berry/cranberry color. Although both do appear to have gold reflects in them.

Sleek Makeup is a drug store brand make up found in the UK, they do have a fabulous line of other beautiful products. No lies I'm lusting after getting my hand on at least another two palettes by them, and a few of their blushes.

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