Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Battie Bows is where it's at!!!!

As everyone knows, YouTube makes the beauty community learn about new brands, products and smaller companies. Thus I was watching one of the many videos in my subscription box, I noticed a haul from Battie Bows. 

I thought what is offered at Battie Bows is super adorable and a pretty good price. Thus I decide it was time to place an order for some fun, cute and girly goodies!!! Battie Bows, is a home run bow company that one of fellow YouTubers in the Beauty community started about a month ago, check out her YouTube Channel.

I placed an order on 7/12 with Battie Bows, I wanted to get a special something for my friend's 30th birthday a little something for me. Ideally I wanted Harajuka Themed Bottle Caps (for my friend) and Sons of Anarchy (for me). What was nice about letting Kyrsay know what type of pictures I wanted on the items, but the fact that she sent me a total of 12 different pictures to choose from (6 for Harajuka and 6 for SOA). So I picked out my favorite from each section and went on to decide what type of actual items I wanted (plus with the items that were bow items...I also decided on the type of ribbon they were to be put on).

I purchased by items via PayPal on 7/14, paying a total of $19.75, which included $3.00 for Shipping and handling (which is a great price) and $16.75 for actual products. **I will include a list of what I actually purchased as well as pricing**

I received my products on 7/27...and boy was it like Christmas!!!

How my items came packaged

love the pattern on the actual packaging bags!

What I purchased for myself included:
1 Bottle Cap Ring $2.75
1 Animal Print Bow $1.75
2 Bottle Cap Bows $4.00 (I think)

My Goodies

My Animal Print Bow

My Bottle Cap Bows

Closer look at the Bottle Cap...SOA!!

My Bottle Cap Ring

Once my friend opens up her birthday gifts I will make sure to add a few pictures to this blog post, so you can see the other awesome products Battie Bows offers.

I was/am very satisfied with Battie Bows. I do see myself placing another order with them (fairly soon, as my friends here who also love SOA are quite jealous of my ring!!!)

If you haven't checked out Battie Bows, and you are into creative, cute, girly bows, accessories. Check them out. A Final Review to follow soon!!!

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  1. Love what you did to your blog. I so agree about the bows they are adorable! PS its me Charlene all4one1fourall :D