Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Mail Time with Lo...the ULTIMATE SWAP


Now as ya'll know I am a huge fan of swaps. I get alot of joy out of shopping in general, but even more so when it is for friends. Because it gives you the freedom to pick up whatever goodies you think she/he might like. I tend to get my friends items that I don't think they would get themselves, because they might think the color wouldn't look right on them. Or they might not even notice it, because they are on a one track mind (ie neutral lovers stick to what's safe, easy every day...when sometimes they need some color). 

Anyways, Lilian, a wonderful YouTube subbie and friend approached me to do another if you pay attention to earlier this year, we did our first swap to each other. And I tell you what, our first swap was HUGE!!! Leave it to her to make our next swap UNFORGETABLE!!!!

While she requested particular German brand products, I really only asked for one stateside available brand..Milani. No lies, though she totally went hog wild and then some!!!!

Lip Products

To think that I would actually need to buy anymore lip glosses??? No way JOSE!!!! The ones in particular that I was excited about...Miliani Lip Flash (it's been on my lust list for months now). Milani Glitzy Gloss..boy does it smell and taste so yummy!! Revlon Colorburst's my first and only...just wanted to try out the formula!!! Now, I'm not saying I don't like the other lip products...these are merely the ones that stand out more!!!

Face Products
Now I'm a blush whore!!!! I mean I have tons of eye products and tons of lip products, but my blushes are slowly but surely working to become a drawer of mayhem itself! Miliani, Hard Candy....need I say more???!!!

Eye products
Again Liliam wowed me with two higher end brand single shadows, Urban Decay and Nars ( girl I swear....). But of course the other loveliness of Milani baked shadows and mini palettes. 
I am quite interested in testing out the Mark palette she sent my way (which was in her own personal collection), however it has found a new and grateful home!!!

Yummy goodness and a cute accessory!!
Need I say more??!!

Yes, the Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Limited Edition Palette!!!!

If you watch my video, you see my live reaction when this puppy is unwrapped!!! I could not and still CAN NOT believe Lilian sent this to me! I feel like it is too much, that I am not really worthy of receiving something so wanted within the beauty community. And when I tweeted how wonderful Lilian was and how her surprise has made my day/week/month. All she could say was..."I'm glad you like it!" and when I told her that I felt like my box wasn't enough. That I knew there was stuff in my collection that needed a new home "You really don't have to!.. I didn't do it so you can send me more stuff!.. I did it with all my heart!" 

Again this just proves how someone, so far away...that I have never officially met in person has touched my life and become more than just a fellow YouTuber..but a wonderful, thoughtful and amazing friend! 

Thank you so much Lilian for all your support, love and being so incredibly giving! 

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  1. It makes me feel super happy that you liked everything I send!.. and all your wonderful words mean the world to me!.. and im honer that you think of me as your Friend!.. and what can I say when it comes to giving I dont have a limit!..:D
    tons of Love; Lili