Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sharing is Caring: August 2011

It has been a bit since I have done one of these on my blog....and since the summer is coming to a close (with this upcoming weekend being the last in August). Hard to believe that Fall now is just around the corner. Though at the same time it's exciting just because Halloween will be here, followed by my birthday, anniversary with my mister, and then the holiday season!!!!

Thus it's time for a little GIVEAWAY!!!!

Up for Grabs

MAC's Jealousy Wakes Eyeshadow from Bloggers' Obessession Collection 
ELF Essential Hypershine Lipgloss in Flirt

Yup, I have decided to spoil someone (preferably a loyal blog reader) with some lovely make up goodies. If you read my blog you already know I purchased and swatched MAC's Jealousy Wakes. Well what I hadn't mentioned was the I had gotten a second one, because I have always thought that "Sharing is Caring".

So let's get to the rules of how to win these lovely prizes!!!

  • Must be a subscriber to this blog
  • Must be 18 yrs and up or have parent permission (as I will need an address to ship the prize to)
  • Must comment to this blog entry, telling me of a time you did something nice for someone else (be as specific as you want).  CAN ONLY ENTER THIS GIVEAWAY ONCE WITH A COMMENT*
This giveaway runs from Tuesday, August 23rd
This giveaway ends Monday, September 5th
so exactly two weeks!!!!

Winner will be announced on Tuesday, September 6th on my blog

*Additional ways to earn and extra chance for this giveaway (so an additional entry).

  1. Follow me on Twitter and Tweet the following statement to me
        "Has @SoCalGrlNGerman says Sharing is Caring.  And I'm all about SHARING!!!"

     2. If you have a blog, do a short blog entry about a time you shared or cared for someone else ( I like to read what you have done). Plus at the end of the blog, talk about this blog giveaway and link it to the post. Once you have blogged about it, send me the link and I will make sure to check it out!!! 
               You can tweet me the link or email me the link at: Socalswthrt1107@yahoo.com

Thus you have a total of 2 additional chances to enter. Giving you an overall total of 3 entries to win (if you so chose to). 

Please keep in mind, I'm doing this giveaway because I enjoy sharing good products with others who appreciate it as much as I do. I have purchased these items with my OWN money. So I do hope there aren't any hard feelings once the winner is announced!!! 

Hope everyone enjoys this little giveaway!!! And rememember


  1. Well honestly i think i am a very caring person when it comes to my friends and family!! I can say i am generally very nice to people (strangers). I think my best moment was when i went to Africa. The place we went to was very poor the people lived in houses made out of wood and other matters they gathered. I had brought lots of travel goodies and decided to share them with the children of the village. They were so excited because, candy was a rare find for them especially American candy!! I think sharing is a positive part of life that was drilled in her brains from the time when first started to walk. Thanks love for the giveaway besos xoxoxoxo (Natasha) mztashaturner

  2. I think the caring moment i remember the most was when, i volunteered for school to go help the homeless. I just thought that moment was amazing, helping the homeless. Im so thankful for what i have :)

  3. I always help out my sister if she needs a ride somewhere or if she needs a babysitter for my niece. :)

  4. I think the time I remember most is when my daughter or son was really sick, I remember taking them to the hospital, staying with them all through the time there, taking care of them when they got home, I ran on little to no sleep..Sue K JSKA980405