Monday, August 29, 2011

Updates/ Addendum to my Posts on Luminessair Every Day Make Up Kit


I just wanted to note  a few things on this blog post that I did receive some clarification on (as I want to make sure I am sharing all proper facts and information with anyone who happens to read this blog).

  • I had emailed the lovely Emily at Luminessair to find out the reasoning for the logo being a butterfly and she shared the following information with me.  "To answer your question about our logo, the reason the butterfly is our company logo is for multiple reasons :) The first is because the butterfly signifies the metamorphosis and the transformation of an individual who uses our product to Achieve a flawless look. The butterfly is also considered a sign of good luck in many cultures and takes flight through the "Air"."

  •  I also did need to clarify that I was mistaken in my initial blog posting and haul video that is found on my YouTube channel about where Luminessair can send packages to. In both my blog and in my video I stated they were unable to send to my PO box because they could not send mail internationally. However that is not the case, Emily did let me know the following, " I did notice that you mentioned that we do not ship outside the U.S. and we actually do, but since we use FedEx we can not send to PO Boxes or APO addresses."  I did want everyone to know this information, as I want to be honest and through with any products that I receive for review purposes.

  • Finally, I wanted to also point out that Emily does keep tabs on all blog posts, videos that are done by those who are reviewing the products of Luminessair as in my most recent email exchange with her she did comment, "I did notice that you prefer a more matte finish, and I would recommend setting your Luminess look with a translucent powder to finish off your look. :)". I am quite appreciative of the great tip that was not pointed out in the actual video guide (supplied with the kit). Thank you very much Emily, plus it let's me know that Luminessair (especially Emily) really make sure their customers (or reviewers in my case) are satisfied
I am again just sharing this information because I feel the need to make sure I am telling everyone the whole truth and nothing but the truth!!!

Review to be up this week of Luminess!!! 

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