Monday, August 1, 2011

Sometimes it's the little things with the people who make you laugh

Totally random blog entry, as I sit here with dinner ready waiting on the mister to get home from a long day at work (yup, they are working 12 hr shifts the rest of the week...I hope he at least gets Sunday off this weekend).

I had an (overall total time) of an hour conversation with a friend via HeyTell today (app on the Iphone/Itouch/Ipad...a push to talk it's a fun version of Walkie Talkies). Anyways I chatted with my friend who is currently "deployed" (as he is at a different base here in Europe), and it got me thinking about my friendships this past year so far (2011) has brought me.

There have been a loss or two of friendships with the beginning of the year, but there have been more discoveries of amazing people who have touched my heart.

 It has been tough to actually make real friends as an adult, especially being within the military lifestyle (especially at this small base that I have been at). If you aren't in the military lifestyle, what I mean by this is...since home is where whatever branch of the military one's family is in sends them. You could be living in the states for say 5 years and BAM get paperwork you are moving to Japan for 3 years. Say good bye to all your friends, to go elsewhere and start all over again. Of course, there is the internet for emails...perhaps you will send a Christmas card..make the occasional phone call. But after awhile of moving, it's hard to keep track of people (since they tend to move as well). What could start off as a great friendship, could, if not worked at constantly, end in a distance memory.

Thus my current wonderful friendships have left me wondering what am I going to do without this person or that person when it's time to leave Germany. Thinking about saying goodbye sucks, I think it will be even tougher when it actually comes time to do it!!!

I like my lie. I love them...each and everyone of them. Whether it's the simple act of going over and hanging out bsing on the front porch smoking a cigarette. To lounging on the couch watching a movie, being bums together. I cherish those tiny small moments of friendship and connection.

I have been a huge camera whore this year, I take my camera everywhere I go nowadays. Especially if I know a bunch of us are going to hang out, cause you really never know what might happen. And having a photograph as proof that it this happened, or just horrible candid drunken pictures to laugh at later on (after they are posted on facebook).

**What most of my friends don't know is I have all the pictures from this year that are saved on my computer, as my screensaver. So that if I sit at my computer long enough not messing with it...I am greeted with pictures of good times. I'm not necessarily always in the pictures, but rather the photographer about half the time. And I like them as my screen saver cause I can look at them and laugh (not a ha ha laugh...but a he he laugh).

Like I said before, it's hard trying to find friends as an adult. But I feel I have found some really good ones who I will always love and have a place in my heart for....even when we are far away.

And that's all I have to say about that. e

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