Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Day 19: Just a bit Random

Day 19 - A picture and a letter

Krissy, Barbie, Chrissy, Me April 2011

To My Fellow Military Wives here in Germany (aka My Bishes)-

It has taken me 2 years of being here in a foreign country to finally really have the feeling that I am home. And I know a huge part of Germany being home is from meeting you!!!

I would've never imagined that doing a make over for New Year's Eve would be the beginning of a whirlwind of drunken debauchery, hilarious quiz nights, and amazing friendship. 

Each of you different, yet each of you have touched my heart and have forever left your imprint upon it. 

When the time comes for us all to go our separate ways, I do hope that you know you will not be forgotten. Still expect a random HeyYell "What up Bish", "Taco Trucks for the Win", "Onion Rings and Zesty Sauce". Though be assured I won't send you a full moon, unless you really want it! 

I seriously can't imagine a weekend without some silly drunken moment, whether it's being swept off my feet by a tall Mexican and whisked away. To flexing my own Mexican muscles and letting little boys from Taco Bell know they can't mess with my girls...lest they want to meet some side mirror. 

Car Bombs and Jager Bomb!!!! Jameson and Diet...Tequila if you are feeling frisky. And of course Lo's Mom for the freaking WIN!!!! 

Owning the Countdown floor, all while getting dirty looks from the other girls...booty bumping/shaking/grabbing from the appreciative men. With the occasional lame one liner from a clueless Airmen!!!

The list could really go on...as the summer has not come to a close...however. I love you...each and everyone one of you. And I will miss you dearly when I am no longer closer enough to meet for coffee, kick your ass at the gym, or merely sit outside with you bsing while smoking a cigarette.  

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