Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sunshine Award

When I checked on my Twitter earlier today I had noticed that the lovely Joy had tweeted to me to let me know she had nominated me for something on her blog. So of course I had to see what she was up to!!! 

For me to accept this award I must answer these 9 questions:

1) Favorite Colour ~ Pink

2) Favorite animal ~ jaguar..because they are fierce but beautiful creatures

3) Favorite number ~ 34 old high school basketball number

4) What perfume am I using right now? ~ At the moment I have no perfume on. However I rotate being Jessica Simpson's Fancy or Paris Hilton's Can Can...I like sweet scents what can I say

5) Something you always wear that identifies you ~Bright makeup, crackle nail polish on my ring there is not real thing I can put my finger on. People just have to look at me and know I'm the make up lady around here!!! LOL

6) What's your passion ~ Make-up, Beauty, hanging out with friends and making the most and best memories and Blogging :)

7) What was the last eyeshadow that you used? ~ I tried out some mineral  neon shadows from Synthetik was a ubber funky bright look today. I was bored and needed to what can I say?

8) Favorite day of the week ~ Friday or Saturday nights...because I get to hang out with my mister and party my booty off with my Bishes!!!

9) Are your nails painted right now? Yes, though needs to be changed. Black polish from ELF with a P2 gold crackle on the ring and pointer fingers!

I would now like to pass this award on to these 8 gorgeous beauties:

The Talented Ana Arthur

Fellow German Lovely Coma

Lovely Glamour Gloss Queen Mel

Fellow Military Wifey Krissy


One of my idol Beauty bloggers Wendi 

Another great and talented artist Trinity 

Great local Photographer Heather

If I have been nominated you for this award you must follow these rules in order to accept it.

1) Refer back to the person that nominated you
2) Answer the 9 questions
3) Nominate 8 Bloggers for the award
4) Inform the Bloggers that they have been nominated

If you accept this award please leave a comment down below and I'll have a read.

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  1. Aaaw thank you so much, honey!! You really made my day! :D