Thursday, August 11, 2011

Winner from Drama Mamazz Minerals Review/Giveaway

Figured I would just screen shot this, considering this is kinda old...and I figure the lucky winner wants to get their goodies relatively soon!!!

When I reviewed Drama Mamazz, I was lucky enough to get a full sized pigment from Drama Mamazz besides purchasing an extra cute accessory (when they sold them).

Anyways let's get to the point and letting everyone know who won!!! Considering it was a lengthy review, I don't think many people watched the entire thing!!! However, three people did enter!!

Quick Snap of those who entered the giveaway


Quick thanks to anyone who actually watched the Review of Drama Mamazz Mineral Company. I hope it was through and gave you enough information about the products!!! 

Congrats to the winner!!! And thank you to those who entered!!!

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  1. Wow, can't believe I won. Thanks again Lorena. Sandee/kupcake46