Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sharing Some Lo Love....

Another week, which means another opportunity to share a little bit of love with another lovely make up addict!


I found the lovely MeiMeisMakeup a few months ago, I was recommended to check her out from one of my friends (Lilian..yeah the girl who likes to spoil me with tons of stuff in swaps). Anyways Lilian had done a Follow Friday shout out to me, but and when I responded back with a thank you. She told me I should check out Melissa (MeiMeisMakeup) as she did alot of blogging, FOTD, and reviews (which I love to do myself). 

Of course I checked out her YouTube channel, and up until recently she actually had videos (tutorials) in English and Spanish (though she decided to switch things up and start a channel just for her spanish videos). 

Her newest video is quite pretty 80's look, that I love! Prolly cause I think a blue and purple together on brown eyes is GORGEOUS!!!! 

I enjoy Melissa's blog entries as much as I enjoy her YouTube videos. Though it appears that people know more about her blog than her YouTube channel, which doesn't really make sense to me to support only one fraction of a person's addition to the beauty community. Because Melissa only has 88 subbies on her YouTube channel, while she has 234 followers on her blog!!! GO FIGURE!!! Means people need to check her out on YouTube and show her love there...but that is just my opinion.

Love her organization video of her accessories, considering I'm huge into organization

I think Melissa is a great beauty blogger, she is through, easy to read and takes great pictures for her blog entries. If I'm not learning something from her, I'm lusting over a product that I haven't see yet. Plus considering we both have olive skin tones, it's also easy to see if a certain color would look good on me (he he). 

If you haven't checked MeiMeisMakeup out, I would recommend doing it. As everyone needs a little bit of LOVE!!!!

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  1. Thank you so much for this! I really appreciate it and feel super grateful. ♥