Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Initial Thoughts about Luminessair and Air Brush Make Up

So far this weekend and into this week I have been testing out my Luminessair Everyday Make up Air Brushing kit...just so that I can get a good idea of the capabilities of the products and the system itself. **I will be posting my thoughts on the How to use your Kit videos shortly**

There are some things I would like to note before I post my pictures of wearing the products from Luminessair.

  • I have combination skin but more dry tenancies. However I do randomly break out with cyst acne (thus I do have some scarring)
  • I have larger pores (I am not a fan!!)
  • I am in between colors (my summer tan is fading)
  • The weather recently has been in the low 70's but with a humidity between 50 to 80% (this is the type of weather I'm combating with at the moment).
  • I am of Hispanic heritage...so I'm olive skin tone, dark haired (and yes I do have some body hair..fuzzy).

Friday 1st time using the Luminessair Kit


Products used
Luminessair Foundation in Shade 2 (used as concealer under eyes and on spots of redness) 2x over face
Luminessair Foundation in Shade 3 Golden Beige (used all over face and onto neck) 2x over face
Luminessair Blush in 3n (used over cheeks) 2x
Luminessair Bronzer in P3 (used on cheeks and temples, under blush) 2x
Luminessair Brighten Glow in G1 (used as highlight above blush and down nose) 2x

Give you a better view of the colors on my cheeks

Closer view of my face

As you can tell this is a very light coverage, it reminds me of when I put a bit of concealer on and some pressed powder on top and head out to run errands real quick. This type of coverage is good for something quick and easy (it took me about 5 minutes from start to finish), however I do personally prefer more of a full coverage.

The one thing I do want to point out is when it came to concealing my problem areas, I only saw a slight change in the color of the circles/bags I get under my eyes. As well as it just lightened my trouble spots on my chin and the top of my nose (yeah...it's bruised...don't ask). 

Sadly, after about 3 hours of wearing this make up, perhaps it was due to the weather. It pretty much looked like I had nothing on (which I know is the whole point of Air Brush make up). However I was super shiny and I had to touch up with a pressed powder because I felt like my face was glowing. Perhaps I'm just not use to the dewy look on me (as again I prefer a matte finish to my skin).

Saturday 2nd time using the kit


Products used:
Luminessair Moisturizer and Primer in M1 (all over face and neck) 2x
Luminessair Foundation in Shade 2 (used as concealer all on problem areas) 3x
Luminessair Brighten Glow in G1 (used as highlight and down nose) 2x*
Luminessair Blush in 3n (used over cheeks) 2x*
Luminessair Foundation in Shade 3 Golden Beige (used all over face and neck layered) 4x

* indicates these were applied before the normal foundation. This was demonstrated on the video, thus I wanted to try this technique out.

Better look of the face

Can see the cheek coloring better

Also I did attempt to use the eyeshadows that came with my kit..however that didnt work out so well for me!!! Totally need to work on this...it's just a yucky mess!

Shadows used is Duo in Shade 4 and 28

I did notice using the Primer did make the products last longer on my face, to where I didn't have the shiny look until about 4.5 hours into wearing it. This too was on an extremely humid day (75%) and I was doing make up on a client...so I was under a bit of pressure to get what I could done, efficiently and quickly!

I will also note that putting the Highlighter and the Blush before the final layers of foundation was something different, however I kinda liked it. I noticed when I had done the opposite (as what you would do when applying make up with brushes), the pores on my cheeks really stuck out!

Huge point!!! Layering the foundation does make a difference in the amount of coverage my skin had...it looked more like what I prefer (where, yes you can tell I do have make up on). However, again the issue I had with my make up (later on in the day) was the dewy look..I'm thinking I'm going to try to do this look again (minus the Golden Highlighter) and see if that is the big culprit. As when I start to get shiny or dewy, my pores look HUGE!!!

I'm hoping that the weather will change a bit so that I can see what the make up acts like in cooler and less humid air..because I think this is also a big culprit in why I am looking so shiny so quick in the day.

Somethings I want to also bring up

  • The Luminessair Sprayer itself is pretty easy to use, the only issue I had was that if I put too much product in the cap (8 drops) then when I would swirl the sprayer around I accidently split some of the product. 
  • I did NOT have any issues with the Air Brush make up getting in my hair (whether it was on top of my head, brows or eyelashes).
  • My skin did dry quickly between layers of the foundations. Average wait time I had between layers was about a minute
  • The makeup does have a semi odd feeling after having been worn for a few hours (especially if I get hot and start to sweat a bit). It's like I can feel my pores have stuff in them (if that makes any sense).
  • Even with applying the concealer and foundation on my eyelids before my normal eye primers, I have NOT seen any change in my eyeshadows (minerals) wearability. 

I am going to continue to use these products for the rest of the week, and hopefully have a full review by Friday!!!

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  1. Have you continued to use this product? I live in Hawaii, tropical climate and am looking for a light coverage that hides flaws and doesn't make me xtra shiny thru the day. Any tips to fight shine with this product?