Wednesday, August 24, 2011

How I got my Mac Pro Card


I did a recent haul and am currently having a giveaway here on my blog in which some recent products I purchased from MAC using my new Pro Discount Card. I got a few comments already on the haul video on my YouTube, thus I decided I would answer the age old question:

How did you Apply and Get Approved for the MAC Pro Card???

Honestly I did a bit of research on the internet, mostly looking on YouTube videos about how the every day person could attempt to apply for the Pro Discount card.

Now, if you don't already know, I do claim to be a Freelance Make Up Artist (although my website is sadly needing a huge update with pictures from shoots I have done work for).  My Facebook page for my Make up is where I do tend to post recent pictures from various shoots and make overs I have done here in the local German area. I have been very fortunate enough to have met and befriended a few local photographers that have given me enough exposure (and clients) to where I am hoping to continue to work and grow as an artist. As well as expand my portfolio to showcase all the different aspects of my work. 

The most informative video I found about the actual items you would need to apply as a freelance Artist came from fellow YouTube Laura AKA Laura62484

I'm including her video so you can see it yourself!

Considering I have an official website, and I was approved for a Model Mayhem Account (this is a network for Photographers, Models, MUA, Hairstylists, Clothing Designers, Retouchers, ETC). I decided to attempt to apply for various MUA discount cards. 

I actually applied and was accepted by OCC Pro card on Feb 23, 2011 (which is free, that is a discount of 20%. I have yet to sign up for any others as I need to actually look at their websites and just haven't gotten around to doing it yet.

I don't know what really made me decide to attempt to get the MAC card, I think it was more because I know alot of friends and clients prefer that brand. And there are a few products that I have in my personal collection and also in my Professional Kit that are from MAC (that I actually do like using). So I figured what the heck, the only spending I'm really willing to do. I figured with the savings on the products (as the MUA discount is 40% off of products) I would be saving the amount that I spent on the actual application (fee is $35). 

The application online is simple enough, it the other paperwork (especially if you have no formal training like myself) that you need to actually work on yourself. Mind you, when I had thought about applying for the MAC Pro Card I had asked one of the photographers I have worked with regularly if he would write me a letter of recommendation for the card.  Sadly this was taking quite long, thus after watching Laura's video I decided to check out the wonderful world of VistaPrint.Com and come up with a few things!

Business Card
Considering when I was first starting off I was using some really ghetto computer printed card. Just so that I had something to hand to a person, if they were interested in make up. Or when I first started working with photographers. I KNEW I NEEDED to upgrade, thus I decided at the time I should do it!

I personally designed my business card, at the website of Vistaprint.Com they have all different types of templates. Thus I did borrow some of the template, but then made it my own with adding the picture on it. Yes, that is me....rocking my Barbie Girl Make Up from Halloween tutorial I did last year! I figured might as well put my face on the card, so that even if I had my card passed amongst others. If they were to see me in the post office on base or at the commissionary (the grocery store on base) they would know who I am. 

Composition Card
Again another design by me and this is on an Oversized Postcard

Ideally what a composition card is a mock of of some of the various work you have done as an Artist. Yes, the center picture is the largest of costume make up (and yes it's my the time that I did this. I was the most proud of how he had come out. Still am actually). And yes, you will see me in the corner again as well (though it's because I didn't really have too many other pictures at the time to choose from). I more than likely when funds are more available and when I have used up more of these cards (whether as postcards or comp cards for MUA discount cards). I will redo my comp card and keep more editioral, fashion, costume looks together and have the more bridal, natural and more basic on another. 

It was including these two different pieces of identification that allowed me to get approved for the MAC Pro discount card. I must say it did take quite some time for me to find out I was approved. I had all my business cards and Comp cards in by the middle of March, thus I'm thinking I sent out my application early April. 

Funny how things work out, as my credit card (that I had submitted with my application) was charged the intial fee on May 30, 2011. Though I would not receive my official email welcoming me to the Pro Discount Card Membership until June 6,2011 (how do you like them apples?).

The hard copy of the card was mailed to my address in the states on June 29, 2011 and received about 5 days later.

**IMPORTANT TO NOTE: Considering I am living internationally at the time that I applied for the card (and the MAC site would not take an APO address to it's address file). I had to use my permanent address which is my parents address! 

I have made a few purchases already to MAC using my discount, though it sucks not to be able to use the discount and get free shipping (but I guess there is always a little give and take). 

Anyways, if I reapply to renew my discount card from MAC next year...I have yet to decide for now. I feel that having two MUA Discount cards to two different brands is pretty good. Especially considering I have no formal education when it comes to make up application!!!


  1. You should apply for an Inglot pro discount :D

  2. Hi im a marine wife myself.. & free lance mua i am not over-seas tho. I have been reading about the mac pro card.. i have business cards.. and im trying to get a comp card.. i dont know were to start :/ could you help?? Any bit of advise and help wpuld be super apreciateddd. ;). Thank you.

  3. Hope it helps many to get cards and save money....