Thursday, August 25, 2011

Book of the Month: I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell

I borrowed this book recently from my friend (who is deployed right now), considering the other week I watched the movie version based off of this novel (when I was babysitting..I know I know...crazy huh?). 

Me and Him had talked about this novel before, as I had noticed he had this one and the second one "Assholes Finish First" (which I'm borrowing that will be my September book of the month).

Now this novel is not for the weak of stomach, conservative thinker, or sexually prudish. This book is a recollection of different drunken stories of debauchery by the author, Tucker Max

The only real thing I can say is that I laughed my ass off, true I do have a odd sense of humor. And no lies there were some stories where I was pretty grossed out...but what do you expect from a 20 something male? 

I could tell you some of my favorite stories...but needless to say....I think alot of my readers would be a bit disgusted!!! 

So if you are open minded, find drunk stories entertaining, and don't mind a man being an asshole...then I suggest checking this book out. I promise won't be able to forget it!!

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