Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I won TheArtisMakeup First Blog Giveaway

I received a package in my mailbox yesterday, Monday August 22nd from the lovely TheArtisMakeup . A wonderful, beautiful and talented fellow make up lover, she had her first blog giveaway on July 5th, and announced the winner on the 13th! Imagine my surprise when I saw that I was the winner!!!! 

After doing the proper exchange of information, she informed me she would be putting my prize out in the mail. And I was suppose to let her know when I had received it!!! 

What was inside the padded envelope!!! 

Thoughtful Note that she included with my prize

My awesome prize!!!!

She had purchased some really cute handmade accessories from an Esty store, and thus shared one of the items with the winner of her blog...which was me!!! I personally love homemade accessories, so I'm very very happy to have this piece in my collection now!!!

Rocking my new ring (and yes I have very little make up on).

The size of the ring is perfect :)

Just wanted to say thank you to the lovely Marjolein for having the giveaway on her blog! I enjoy reading her blog posts, chatting with her on twitter, and of course watching her YouTube videos! 

If you haven't checked her out, then do so! You won't find another person who doesn't love bright and colorful make up!!!


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  1. Yaay finally it arrived :D i was getting freaked out already ;) I hope you enjoy your ring and offcourse thanks for joining my first giveaway :D It's nice to see you wearing the ring :D And thanks for the little shout out lovie <3 Xxx