Wednesday, August 24, 2011

FOTD and Demo of using the Luminessair EveryDay Beauty Kit

If you have been watching my Tweet feed, you know I have been rambling on about the Air Brush make up Kit that I received from LuminessAir recently (as I'm throughly trying to review the kit by the beginning of this weekend).

Thus today I sat down and filmed a Demo of using the products (keeping this in mind, I am by NO MEANS a Professional when it comes it Air Brush Make Up Application). I believe that I will need more practice on myself and major practice on a few faces to get a better feel and hang for Air Brushing. 

So my FOTD is really an Air Brush FOTD....each picture is taken by the different levels of make up applied

Clean Face NO MAKEUP
Pretty scary!
As you can see from the picture I do suffer from some red spots (regiments of some pimples), a few small scars from some cyst acne, and darker circles under my eyes (damn me for staying up late blogging!!).

  • First step was to apply the Primer and Moisturizer with the Air Brush Gun. I used a total of 2 drops of product
  • Next Conceal any problem spots using my Shade 2 (which is the lighter shade of the two that I received in my kit). I used a total of 4 drops for this and made sure to conceal all my red spots and under my eyes
Concealed as best I could

  • Next the foundation application process, for this I used the foundation 3 in Golden Beige and placed 6 drops into my air brush gun. For applying the product I started off on the right side of my face and worked around (using the swirl motion as I applied). I do want to point out that I was able to go over my face a total of two times throughly doing so. That after I had finished one side of my face and moved on to the next, it had given the original side I started on enough time to dry.
  • When I had filmed I showed myself only applying a total of 2 layers, however I did end up doing a total of 3 layers of foundation as I wanted a definite medium coverage of my skin. With my next application I only added another two drops to the air gun, so I used a total of 8 drops for my foundation. 
face now fully covered

  • Next I applied Blush to the apples of my cheeks, I used a total of 3 drops in the air brush gun. The blush color itself is a matt pinky peach, so if applied properly it gives a nice flush of color. 
  • I opted not to apply bronzer as I noticed the bronzer I had did seem to have some shimmer in it, considering I was planning on using the Highlighting glow as well. I decided I didn't want to over do the shine on my face (I didn't want to look like a grease ball later).
Yup I'm wearing Blush

Better angle...see the soft pink!!!

  • Lastly I applied the Brightening Glow as a highlight (thus giving a dewy, glow to my face). I'm not necessarily sure if I like the Glow as after wearing for some time I notice I look more oily. I think it's just because I'm not use to the Dewy look. I applied 2 drops of the product into the air brush gun and applied it on the tops of my cheeks (above the blush), slightly on my forehead and down my nose, above my cupids bow and chin.
A finished Air Brushed face!!!

  • To finish off the look I brushed throw my brows, applied a colored mascara and a bit of gloss and was ready to go do my errands for the day!
Closer view of the face....I know I look kinda pale! 

Overall not a bad look!! (without mascara or gloss)

Final FOTD

All Products used:
LuminessAir Primer and Moisturizer
Luminessair Shade 2 foundation as concealer
Luminessair Shade 3 Golden Beige as foundation
Luminessair Blush in N3 on apples of cheeks
Luminessair Brightening Glow in G1 for highlight
Apple Cosmetic's Blue Mascara
Mac Lip Jelle in Valentine's

Here's the video where I show everything I have talked about!!!

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  1. That is so cool... I've yet to use one hopefully one day I will thanks for sharing doll ♥