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A little Time with Andrea from Evil Shades

I love Indie Companies, and I have decided it was time to have a little Question and Answer with lovely owner of Evil Shades, Andrea.

I feel as a mineral junkie, it's not only the products that keep me purchasing. But the master mind behind the products, the customer service and overall presentation and reputation of the company. 

I have actually known of Evil Shades for about 6 months (or so), due to some fellow lovelies (Theartismakeup and Phyrra). I have been following Andrea ever since, as I drooled over quite a few swatches of her products. 

Andrea is not only a creative mastermind when it comes to mineral products, but also an active, well written beauty blogger as well. I'm tickled at her honesty (which is much appreciated) and her pictures of different beauty products (about half the time I didn't know it existed til I read her post). 

Random side note: I recently purchased the YouTube/Beauty Blogger package that is offered on Evil Shades (blog post of swatches will be up shortly). 

Now that I have ran on a bit, let me get to the main point of this blog post!!!

Since Indie Companies are home-run company as a consumer (and mineral addict) my loyalty and love/lust for a company products really stems from how well I get to know the owner. So I felt it was time to get to know a little more about Andrea and Evil Shades. 

My Mini Interview with Andrea

Q. What made you decide to start your own business (in Particular mineral cosmetics)?
A. I actually did not start out to have a business, I was just making things for myself and friends. then their friends started asking and it kind of spiraled in to people asking my why I did not just start a business. So I did, very slowly since I had no background in mineral makeup, lol   I did not even know "indie cosmetics" existed until I started talking to Phyrra .
Q. What inspired you for your company's name?
A. I spent a couple of weeks off and on brainstorming and the name just hit me and it was / is very me so I kept it.
Q. What are your personal favorite products from your own line (type, color)?
A. I am a gloss fiend So the hardcore Lips are a daily staple for me and my primer (I use it as a face primer as well) and the Spectrum pots are now my most proud creation, they are the first product that I have ever used / made ​​that never creases on my insanely deep set eyes. I can not give favorite colors, I love color, all color and my mood for the day deterministic mines my favorites that day. I can say my most used colors are lipstick Bane, Lost Kiss & Feline's Kyss hardcore lips and eyeshadows are my most often used Chusi , Phyrra's fantasy, Suffocation, Reondite , Glooming , Moirae and Draco .
Q. What are your top five sellers in eyeshadows ? 3 Lipstick / hardcore lips? 3 Cheek products?
A. Top 5 selling eyeshadows are: Phyrra's Fantasy, Heartless Queen, Draco , Devil's Bonfire and athame .
Top 3 selling lipsticks are: Bane, Devil Ista , and Dark Princess. Top 3 Hardcore lips: Feline's Kyss , Not Your Barbie and Miscreant.
Top 3 are selling Blush: Gossamer, and a tie between Atomic Skon and Ravishing.
Q. Who are your favorite beauty bloggers ?
A. Well I'm biased because I'm friends with a lot of bloggers , Nymphette (I am Nymphette ) we've been friends for 3 years now and she's as sweet as she is beautiful, Phyrra she is gorgeous and has beautiful swatches and I 've learned a lot from her, Grey (LeGothique ) I love her dearly and mostly because she is so honest that I know she wants to give me feedback so I can keep improving my line. I could name another dozen great bloggers but it's easier just to check my twitter feed. : O)
Q. Where do you get your inspiration for colors? names of colors?
A. I get my color inspiration from everywhere and nowhere, some colors just pop into my head and will not leave until I make them and others come from life, art, music, mythology, culture, history anything can spark a color with me. I carry pens and paper everywhere just in case . The names of my colors come from myths, legends, stories, music, but mostly they are my odd love of words and how I like to twist them or reinvent old people do not use words anymore .... I guess I'm a word geek.

Q. What makes your products different than other makeup brands or other indie companies?
A. I can not really say what makes my products different from other indies because I do not own any other indie products aside from a beautiful lipstick my friend Melissa sent me (Morgana's Cryptoria ) and my Meow Cosmetics foundation. Maybe Evil Shades is different because it's mine and I'm well a little "different" or maybe it's because I create every formula from scratch and I keep re-working them until I love them. I'm not sure, I just love making them and hope they make people happy and feel beautiful.
Q. What are some of your personal favorite makeup brands?
A. In the last year I've gotten to were I rarely wear anything other than what I make but I do love Meow cosmetics foundation andTokidoki's eyeliner markers. I used to be huge on Urban Decay and Milani but it's now it's hard to impress me so I just enjoy the ads for the sake of art.
Q. What do we, as fellow lovers make up, get to look forward to the fall season with from your company?
A. HALLOWEEN! Yes, my favorite holiday! I have a special collaboration in the works, top secret stuffs. I'll just say it will be fun and there will be lots of new color.
Q. What is one of your goals you hope to Achieve before the ending of 2011?
A. My goal for Evil Shades for this year is the same as last year and next year, to be better than it was the year before. I try very hard to listen to all of my customers feedback and to use that to improve. I want my customers to feel involved and to be a part of raising ES to the next level and that never ends for me.
For me personally to make the ES website awesome. I have it moved to the new host Which is so much better but still I'm working on making it fabulous.

I want to Thank Andrea for taking the time to humor me and answer all my questions!!!

Hope you have enjoyed this little minute of getting to know a Savvy Indie Business Woman!!

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